This is the real meat of any election, the substance that's left after you strip away a politician's charisma, baby kissing, and whether or not you'd like to have a beer with him. This is the brass tacks of what's going to be different, hopefully better, for you and your family if a given presidential candidate gets elected. This is the issues.

There are a lot of them. And while polling shows that the economy and the way government operates consistently lead the pack in Americans' estimations of importance, it's safe to say that you could find groups for whom each and every imaginable individual issue takes the forefront. Give some people 99% agreement on everything else, and still there are those who simply will not vote for a presidential hopeful if he or she is pro-choice on abortion. You say you've got a candidate for the Oval Office who champions Second Amendment rights and opposes firearms registration? Sorry, but she's out of luck with the gun control crowd, even if most of them like nearly all of her other positions. Meanwhile, it's all about taxes for some: Cut 'em low if you expect to get our votes, and leave us be if you aren't going to. The list goes on.

Fortunately, candidates tend to realize this, and rare is the presidential contender who doesn't let his or her feelings on the issues be known (at least eventually). That's where we come in. The aim of this page is to first explain the issues in clear, simple English, and then to relate the positions of the main presidential candidates on each one. All of this – and this part is important – is to be done fairly and without bias. We don't care what someone believes on a given issue; we just care that they have a belief, so that we can share it with you.

We also take the ethics of accuracy very seriously. Everything written here about the issues has been researched, and every position attributed to a particular candidate is taken from actual statements they have made – with links provided to video of them saying it. We aren't putting words in anyone's mouth.

We believe this information is important, because an informed voter makes better choices at the ballot box – for themselves, and for the nation. That's the power of facts, and that's why this page is here.

    Definitions and Statistics
    Roe v. Wade
    Birth Control
    Notification and Consent
    Planned Parenthood
      Tissue-selling Controversy
    Embryonic stem cell research
    Candidates' Positions on Abortion
    The Genesis
    The Background
    The Now
    Central Issues
      The Objectives
      The Cost
    Candidates' Positions on Afghanistan
  Business and Labor
  Capital Punishment
    United States Capital Punishment Statistics
    Advocates, Opponents and Morality of Capital Punishment
    The Constitutionality of Capital Punishment
    Candidates' Positions on Capital Punishment
  Civil Liberties
    The Magna Carta
    The Conceptual and Philosophical Growth of Civil Liberties
    Civil Liberties In the United States
    Challenges to Civil Liberties
    Candidates' Positions on Civil Liberties
    Colonization, Independence and the USS Maine
    The Cuban Revolution
    Castro and Communism
    U.S. - Cuba post-revolution relations
    Central Issues
      Democratic Transition
      Cuban Thaw
    Candidates' Positions on Cuba
  Deficit and Debt
    Federal Deficit
    Federal Debt
    Central Issues
      Debt Ceiling
      Balanced Budget Amendment
      Social Entitlement Programs
    Candidates' Positions on the Deficit and Debt
    Introduction | Economy 101
    Central Issues
    Federal Budget
    Federal Deficit and Debt
    Trade Deficit
    Income Inequality
    Wall Street
    Associated Issues
    Central Issues
      Prayer in School
      Common Core
    Candidates' Positions on Education
    Central Issues
      Nuclear Power
      Keystone XL Pipeline
    Candidates' Positions on Energy
    Central Issues
      Climate Change
      Cap and Trade
    Candidates' Positions on the Environment
  Federal Budget
    Budget Process
    Federal Spending
    Central Issues
      Tax Policies
      Fraud and Waste
    Candidates' Positions on the Federal Budget
  Foreign Affairs
    Countries and Candidates' Positions
  Guantanamo Bay
    Guantanamo Naval Base
    The Detention Camp
    Contemporary History
    Impact of Obama Administration
    Fairness and Current State of Affairs
    Candidates' Positions on Guantanamo
  Gun Control
    Central Issues
      The Second Amendment
    Candidates' Positions on Gun Control
  Health Care
      The First School of Thought
      The Second School of Thought
    H.R. 3590 Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act (PPACA)
      PPACA Summary
      PPACA Criticisms
    Candidates' Positions on Health Care
    Origins of Immigration
    Positions Supporting Immigration
    Positions Opposing Immigration
    Immigration Legislation
    Candidates' Positions on Immigration
    The Origin
    U.S. - Iranian Relationship
      The Coup
      The Revolution
      The Hostage Crisis
    The Present
    Central Issues
      Nuclear Program
      U.S. Citizen Detainment
      Iran-Israel Conflict
    Candidates' Positions on Iran
    Timeline 1979 - 2015
    U.S. Involvement and the Iraq War
    Contemporary Iraq
    Central Issues
      Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIL/ISIS)
    Candidates' Positions on Iraq
    The State of Israel
    Biblical Summary
    Contemporary History
    The Present
    Central Issues
      The Economic State of Palestine
    Candidates' Positions on Israel
    Central Issues
      Labor Unions
    Candidates' Positions on Jobs
  LGBT Issues
    Central Issues
      Gay Marriage
      LGBT-Based Discrimination
      LGBT Poverty
  Minimum Wage
    Tipped Employees
    $15 Minimum Wage
    Minimum Wage Controversy
      In Favor
      Opposed to
    Candidates' Positions on the Minimum Wage
  National Security
    Central Issues
      Defense Spending
      Government Surveillance
      Illegal Immigration
    Candidates' Positions on National Security
  North Korea
    The Korean War
    The Aftermath
      The South
      The North
    The Present
    Major Acts of Aggression
    Central Issues
      Relationship with South Korea and China
      Human Rights
      Nuclear Program
    Candidates' Positions on North Korea
    Dangers of Poverty
      Educational Hurdles
    Social Response
    Candidates' Positions on Poverty
    Religion and Presidents
    Central Issues
      Faith Vs. Atheism in Presidents
    Candidates' Religion and Positions on Religion
    Central Issues
      Politics and Government
      U.S - Russian relations
      Russian - European Union Relations
    Candidates' Positions on Russia
  Social Security
    Central Issues
      Empty Trust Funds
    Candidates' Positions on Social Security
    Central Issues
      Politics and Government
      Arguments For U.S. Involvement
      Arguments Against U.S. Involvement
    Candidates' Positions on Syria
    Taxation in the Constitution
    Competing Arguments
      Pay Less Taxes
      Pay More Taxes
      Pay No Taxes
    Candidates' Positions on Taxes
    Central Issues
      Military Involvement
      Government Surveillance
    Candidates' Positions on Terrorism

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