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Mark Warner  
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Potential 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate

U.S. Senator from Virginia

Mark Robert Warner
Born: December 15th, 1954  (age 60)

There’s not many of him around these days, at least, at the national stage. Decimated in recent decades by the studious attorney-types, Senator Warner belongs to the dying breed of natural politicians - smooth and persuasive speakers who are charismatic and gifted in their reading of a crowd.

Senator Warner has also another thing going for him – his accomplished record as Governor of Virginia, where he amazingly convinced a Republican-controlled state legislature (including three dozen Republicans who had signed anti-tax pledges) to vote in favor of the largest tax hike in the state’s history to fund the redevelopment of Virginia’s crumbling educational infrastructure. There is also, of course, the small matter of the $1 billion budget surplus that he left for Virginia.

None of this should surprise anyone, really. After all, Senator Warner is an entrepreneur whose personal fortune is estimated to be in the quarter billion dollar range, with the bulk of it made from his ventures into the telecommunication sector.

The NASCAR-loving Senator, who was the keynote speaker at the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, could emerge as one of the dark horses in the 2016 race – if he finds the motivation to throw his hat in the fray, that is.

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