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Donald Trump on North Korea

Trump said he would economically force China to deal with the problem in North Korea.

NORAH O’DONNELL: Yesterday we heard the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to Congress saying that North Korea’s nuclear effort is the top threat to the United States. What would you do to deal with that reclusive country?

DONALD TRUMP: I would get China to make that guy disappear in one form or another very quickly. And let me tell ya…

O’DONNELL: How do you make him disappear? Assassinate him?

TRUMP: No. Well, I’ve heard of worse things frankly. This guys a bad dude and don’t underestimate him. Any young guy can take over from his father with all those generals and everybody else that probably want the position. This is not somebody to be underestimating. China has control, absolute control of North Korea. They don’t say it but they do and they should make that problem disappear. China is sucking us dry. They’re taking our money, they’re taking our jobs, they’re doing so much. We have rebuilt China with what they’ve taken out. We have power over China. China should do that. Now Iran….

CHARLIE ROSE: You can force the Chinese to take care of North Korea?

TRUMP: I would force the Chinese to do it economically; economically, Charlie. They’re sucking the money out of us. We have a trade deficit this year with China; 500 billion dollars. They’re taking money out of our country; they’re taking our jobs…

ROSE: They hold all our debt too.

TRUMP: You know what? We owe them…think of it. They take our money, they take our jobs, they take our base, and guess what we owe? We owe them 1.7 trillion dollars okay? But we have a lot of power over China, don’t underestimate it.

ROSE: So you’re saying to Norah’s question you would leave it up to the Chinese?

TRUMP: No I wouldn’t leave it up to them. I’d say you got to do it, you got to do it. I’d be very tough with them.

ROSE: If they said no what would you do?

TRUMP: I would very strongly stop them from ripping…I’m going to stop them anyway to a certain extent but maybe I’d do it a little bit more forcefully. One other thing, we make that horrible deal with Iran. The closest partner of North Korea is Iran. Why didn’t we put something in there when we’re making a deal and we’re giving them 150 billion dollars? Why didn’t we do something with Iran? Where Iran gets in and we force Iran to get in and do something with North Korea. We didn’t do anything. We should have, when we made that deal. That deal is a horror show; it’s one of the worst I’ve ever seen. When we made the deal with Iran why didn’t Kerry say “look you got to help us out we have a problem. North Korea, he’s playing around with nukes.” Because nukes, that’s the whole game changer Charlie. You know if it weren’t for that we shouldn’t even be in the Middle East but we can’t take a chance that somebody plays the nuclear game. So we should have done that also but China in the meantime has tremendous power over North Korea and they take our money so we have power over China.

10 February, 2016: Interview on CBS This Morning (6:52 – 9:26)

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