Declared 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate

Businessman, television personality and author

Donald John Trump
Born: June 14th, 1946  (age 70)

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Donald Trump Net Worth & Income

Mr. Trump is worth approximately between $1.25 and $10 billion. The huge gap is due to the lack of publicly-available data on Mr. Trump’s assets and income streams, and his inability to release his Federal Income Tax Returns owing to pending IRS examinations.

The most extensive and detailed public record of Mr. Trump’s wealth can be found in his 2015 U.S. Public Financial Disclosure Report, filed with the Federal Election Commission. However, the report has an inbuilt limitation as assets and incomes values are pegged into wide bands (e.g., $100,001 - $250,000) and has an upper limit of $50 million per item.

So, while we may learn that Mr. Trump has interest in 515 companies, the value of his holdings are sometimes difficult to determine. For instance, the value of the 70-story and 1.3 million-square-foot Trump Building (40 Wall Street) in the heart of New York's financial district, which Mr. Trump purchased for less than $8 million in 1995, is recorded at “Over $50,000,000.” And yet, the skyscraper is valued between $300 and $400 million today. Similarly, the value of Trump National Golf Club Jupiter in Florida, Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach and the 230-acre Seven Springs estate in Albany, New York, are all capped at $50,000,000.

Conversely, his liabilities are also pegged at the $50,000,000 level. His liabilities to mortgage lenders Ladder Capital, Capital One and Deutsche Bank Trust are each recorded at “Over $50,000,000.”

However, if we based our calculations strictly on individual bands cap, Mr. Trump assets and liabilities are valued at $1,700,050,000 billion and $450,750,000 respectively, giving his holdings a net value of $1,249,300,000. This figure is definitely not accurate, but it does provide a minimum baseline of his net worth. It also makes him the richest presidential candidate ever, and if elected to the White House, he will also be the richest president in American history!

The $10 billion valuation, meanwhile, comes directly from Mr. Trump himself. In a press release issued on July 15, 2015 shortly after filing his financial disclosure with the FEC, his campaign noted that:
“Mr. Trump's net worth has increased since the more than one year old financial statement produced at his presidential announcement. Real estate values in New York City, San Francisco, Miami and many other places where he owns property have gone up considerably during this period of time. His debt is a very small percentage of value, and at very low interest rates. As of this date, Mr. Trump's net worth is in excess of TEN BILLION DOLLARS.”

Third-party estimates of Mr. Trump’s fortune ranges from $2.9 billion (Bloomberg) to $4.1 billion (Forbes) and $4.5 billion (Wealth-X).

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