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Donald Trump on Israel

Trump supports Israel and says the ultimate deal would be making a deal between Israel and the Palestinians.

MARK HANNITY: How do you prevent the Iranians from getting a nuclear weapon? Knowing that they already have the 150 billion, their spinning their centrifuge, they have a deal where they get 24 days notice. You become president; you suspect that they’re trying to build nuclear weapons, their hiding it from the world. What action do you take?

DONALD TRUMP: Well for one thing you have to rely on Israel a little bit because they know more of what’s going on over there then we know. I have so many friends, Jewish friends, they’ve supported Obama. They’re so disgusted; they can’t understand what happened, what went wrong. I think that President Obama has been the worst thing that’s ever happened, Shawn, to Israel. The worst. I don’t understand it. And Netanyahu’s a good guy. He was…I have never seen…he was so stressed he couldn’t make his point. And even the fact, look, having nuclear deals is a good thing not a bad thing but you want to make good nuclear deals not horrible deals. And you don’t want to pay 150 billion etc etc.

HANNITY: To the number one state sponsor of terror

TRUMP: Right. And before you start negotiating you get your prisoners back, you don’t get them back later. You get them back; you get them back so easy. They have to come back. They’re going to say no? You leave, you walk. They never walked. They were being ridiculed by everybody Shawn. They never walked. They never once got up and left the table. It was such a sad deal. But if they would have walked after they had said no they would have been fine. They would have come back, you would have ratcheted up the sanctions and you would have come back. They would have given you the prisoners and then you’re talking. Then they should have said “by the way now that we have the prisoners back we’re not giving you the 150 billion.”

HANNITY: A lot was made over the issue when you said that you would be neutral in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But you do see that Israel is the victim in this?

TRUMP: I’m a great friend of Israel. I was the Grand Marshall of the Israeli Day parade. I have so many friends, in fact one of them, one of my great friends, where is Jared my son-in-law? Where is he? My son- in-law is Jewish and he’s fantastic, a very successful guy in New York real estate.

HANNITY: Expecting a baby any day now.

TRUMP: Ivanka’s going to have a baby over the next week or so. So there’s nobody closer. Netanyahu asked me to do a commercial for him for his campaign, I did a commercial for him. But I think what you want to do is, the ultimate deal would be making a deal between Israel and the Palestinians. If we could do that, if that’s possible okay? I have been told by people, very high level people, it’s impossible. Because the hatred especially on the one side. I won’t even say which side.

HANNITY: On the Palestinian side

TRUMP: Is so intense, so incredible and from the time they’re two years old they’re told to hate to hate to hate. It’s got to be taken away. I’ve heard stories that are just unbelievable; it’s got to be taken away. But here’s the thing. I’ve been told, and I’ve used that as an example, when a deal is tough I say “that’s nothing compared to…” this is the toughest of all deals. I’m not saying the best or this…this is the toughest deal to make okay? If they can’t make the deal like the Iran deal that’s like a simple deal that should have taken a week or less it took years and years and years. This is a deal that’s tough. I’ve had people that are very smart and great negotiators involved in negotiations and they have not been able to do it.

HANNITY: If Israel is under attack and you’re the president you would come to their defense?

TRUMP: 100% I’d come to their defense. Now you know that under the Iran deal, they say (I haven’t seen it, nobody’s ever really seen it. Nobody has really read it really) but under the Iran deal if Israel ends up attacking Iran because they see they’re actually doing the nuclear or if it’s the other way around we have to fight with Iran. By the way that’s not happening folks. I don’t care; deals are meant to be broken in some cases all right? Under the deal we’re supposed to come to their defense which is hard to believe. Now I’ve only heard that but people have read people have read a piece of it and according to the way it reads we’re supposed to come to their defense. Do not worry Israel we’ll be there.

22 February, 2016: Interview with Shawn Hannity at Caesar Palace in Las Vegas (10:27-14:43)

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