Withdrawn 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate

Junior U.S. Senator from Vermont and Former Mayor of Burlington

Bernard Sanders
Born: September 8th, 1940  (age 76)

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Bernie Sanders on the Environment

Sanders is extremely concerned about climate change, and believes that the United States should gradually abandon the use of fossil fuels and transition to sustainable energy sources – while protecting the jobs and livelihoods of those who currently work in industries such as oil and coal.

BERNIE SANDERS: “I'm on the Energy Committee. I have talked to scientists all over the world, and the conclusion is climate change is real, climate change is caused by human activity, climate change today is already causing devastating problems in our country and around the world. And unless we move aggressively to transform our energy system away from fossil fuel into energy efficiency, into sustainable energy, the planet that we're gonna be leaving our kids is something that we should be ashamed of.

And you can't talk the talk and say, 'I'm concerned about climate change', and then at the same time, 'Oh, by the way, we're gonna extract huge amounts of oil or coal or gas from federal land.' You can't do that. But also what we have got to do is to understand that workers in the fossil fuel industry – through no fault of their own, they're just trying to make a living – are producing a product which is endangering our planet. And we have the moral responsibility to make sure that as we transition away from fossil fuels into energy efficiency and sustainable energy, these workers are protected.”

4 November 2015: Sanders addresses supporters on climate change (0:00 – 1:21)

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