Withdrawn 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate

Junior U.S. Senator from Vermont and Former Mayor of Burlington

Bernard Sanders
Born: September 8th, 1940  (age 76)

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Bernie Sanders on Energy

Sanders is “not a great fan” of increased oil production, citing environmental concerns, and supports subsidizing alternative energy sources.

BERNIE SANDERS: “I happen to be – I know not everyone agrees with me – but I happen to be, as a member of the Environmental Committee, one of those who believes what the scientists are telling us. And what 97% of the peer-reviewed articles and scientific journals tell us is that climate change is real, it is caused by human activity, it is already causing devastating problems. So, I have to say that before we talk about oil production, I think the necessity that we face is transforming our energy system away from oil and fossil fuel to energy efficiency and to sustainable energy.

So I am not a great fan – I'm opposed to the Keystone Pipeline – I am not a great fan of more and more oil production. I think we have to transform our energy system, and by the way, congratulations to the people of the state of Iowa. I understand that some 30% of your electricity is now coming from wind and it's going to go up. You are being a model for America. Congratulations.”

JOURNALIST #1: “And ethanol, too.”

SANDERS: “Well...”

JOURNALIST #1: “Are you a supporter of ethanol?”

SANDERS: “That's something I'm gonna have to look at a little bit more deeply.”

JOURNALIST #2: “What are your concerns about ethanol?”

SANDERS: “Well, among other things, it drives up food prices. I mean, you want people around the world to have enough food to eat.

But I think bottom line here is that in terms of energy, I think we are facing a moral imperative, and that is the need to move away from fossil fuel, and move to energy efficiency - which my state is doing a pretty good job – and to sustainable energies like wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass. I think that's an imperative that we've got to address.”

JOURNALIST #1: “You said you had to look into ethanol a bit more before you comment, but on the face of it, do you believe that our government should be subsidizing the production of ethanol?”

SANDERS: “I believe that it is proper for government – I believe very strongly, and I'm worried about this – that it is proper for government to be putting, subsidizing sustainable energies. Yes, I do. And, in fact, people don't appreciate the fact that we are heavily subsidizing nuclear right now, we are heavily subsidizing fossil fuel. So I think it is proper that in terms of climate change, and other areas, that the government does, in fact, say 'yeah, we're gonna be supportive of this or that form of energy.”

17 December, 2014: Sanders speaks to Iowa Press about energy

(Note: Sanders later expressed measured support for ethanol - see http://www.bloomberg.com/politics/ for details)

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