Withdrawn 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate

Junior U.S. Senator from Vermont and Former Mayor of Burlington

Bernard Sanders
Born: September 8th, 1940  (age 76)

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Bernie Sanders on Capital Punishment

Sanders opposes the death penalty

BERNIE SANDERS: Let me just give you an answer that I suspect not everybody will agree with. I’m against capital punishment in general. I understand, and certainly for people who are mentally incapacitated, who don’t know what they’re doing or even what’s happening to them. I think people have been executed who really were not even aware of what was going on and that’s not something that a civilized nation should be engaged in. But in general this is what I think. Look, there are people who commit horrendous, horrendous, horrendous crimes. We all know that and we are furious at them and can’t understand their barbarity. But I think with so much violence in this world today, I just don’t think the state itself whether it’s state government or the federal government should be in the business of killing people. So when you have people who have done terrible terrible things they’re going to spend the rest of their lives in jail and that’s a pretty harsh punishment. But I’m against capital punishment.

1 may, 2015: Thom Hartmann Radio Show.

(1:00 – 2:02)

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