Withdrawn 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate

U.S. Senator from Florida

Marco Antonio Rubio
Born: May 28th, 1971  (age 45)

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Marco Rubio and Religion

Rubio Religion: Christian - raised Roman Catholic, then converted to Mormonism, before eventually returning to Catholicism; today, he worships at both the Protestant Christ Fellowship Church, and the St. Louis Catholic Church.

Marco Rubio on Islam

Rubio rejects the notions of closing down American mosques and creating a registry of Muslims in the US.

Sabrina Siddiqui: “Donald Trump has talked in recent days about his administration being open to potentially shuttering down mosques in America, as well as creating a registry for Muslims here. Do you think those are appropriate measures for documenting -?”

Marco Rubio: “Well, those aren't – I mean, first of all, creating a – we have a registry of people that come into the country, so, it's not by religious affiliation, it's a registry of people that are here on visas or people that have emigrated here. Not permanent registry, but certainly the temporary immigrants there is. On the issue of mosques, no, we're not gonna target any specific facility; we're anywhere where terrorism is being inspired. It could be a community center; it could be an online site. We need to focus in on areas where people are being radicalized, but that doesn't mean you go around saying you're gonna target centers of worship. The enormous majority of mosques in this country have nothing to do with radical Islam. So, that's not a serious proposal. I think, I'm open – we need to target anywhere where people are being radicalized. It might be a mosque. It might be a community center, it might be a cafe, it might be an Internet site.”

22 November, 2015: Rubio is interviewed by The Guardian journalist Sabrina Siddiqui

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