Withdrawn 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate

U.S. Senator from Florida

Marco Antonio Rubio
Born: May 28th, 1971  (age 45)

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Marco Rubio on Iran

Rubio said he will cancel the Iran nuclear deal his first day in office.

BRET BAIER: Gentlemen you’ve all said that the Iran nuclear deal is a bad one. Senator Rubio you’re among the candidates who’ve said that you would tear it up on day one. But as you know Iran has already received tens of millions of dollars, ten of billions of dollars, in this deal and has quickly re-established ties economically with Europe. The major concessions in other words are up front in this deal. So should you win by the time you take office the remaining parts of the deal would be the constraints on Iran. So why blow up those constraints on day one? Letting Iran off the hook?

MARCO RUBIO: Well let me first describe Iran because they’re not just a normal nation state and we have no quarrel with the Iranian people. But the Iranian leader, their supreme leader, is a radical Shia cleric who has an apocalyptic vision of the future. He views himself not simply as the leader of Iran but as the leader of all Muslims, all Shia Muslims on the planet. And they have a desire not simply to conquer the Middle East and to become the dominant power in that region but ultimately to be able to hold America hostage. That is why they’re building right now and developing long range missiles capable of reaching the United States and that is why they are going to use those hundred billion dollars to expand their conventional capabilities and to one day buy or build a nuclear weapon. When I am President of the United States on my first day in office we are cancelling the deal with Iran and nations will have to make a choice. They can do business with Iran or they can do business with America and I am very confident they’re going to choose America before they choose the Iranian economy.

28 January, 2016: Republican Debate Des Moines, Iowa

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