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U.S. Senator from Florida

Marco Antonio Rubio
Born: May 28th, 1971  (age 45)

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Marco Rubio on Gun Control

As a commissioner for the City of West Miami in March 1999, Marco Rubio voted to ban guns in “county or municipal parks, recreational facilities, or playgrounds, which are locations where children frequently congregate.” Rubio’s vote was part of a unanimous decision and recorded in meeting minutes from the city’s commission.

The Mayor called Item 10, request for resolution on prohibiting the use of firearms in parks. The City Attorney read the resolution into the record as follows: “Resolution of the Mayor and City Commission of West Miami, Florida, strongly urging the members of the Florida Legislature to revise Section 790.06(12), Florida Statutes, and close the loophole by adding language to prohibit firearms in county or municipal parks, recreational facilities, or playgrounds, which are locations where children frequently congregate.

Commissioner Diaz-Padron made a motion to approve the resolution as read. The Mayor seconded the motion and the motion was approved by unanimous vote.

3 March, 1999: City of West Miami “Regular Commission Meeting” minutes

Commenting on Rubio's lack of support in passing a bill allowing employees to bring guns to work, NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer said, “he was a big disappointment to us when he was the speaker, he talked the talk, but he didn't walk the walk."

7 November, 2009: Rubio record diverges from campaign rhetoric, Tampa Bay Times

In 2013, Rubio did not support a ban on guns.

MARCO RUBIO: What the President is proposing is problematic for a couple reasons but primarily because it doesn’t work for many of the reasons you outlined in the talking point memo tonight. These ideas don’t work. It’s not just Chicago, Washington D.C had a very similar gun ban and it didn’t work. In fact violent crime, murder and all these things skyrocketed in Washington during the time of those bans. Now, I’m a concealed weapons permit holder in Florida that means I had to have a background check, I had to be finger printed, I had to take a gun safety course and more people should get those kinds of….

(2:35 – 3:29)
BILL O'REILLY: And you don’t object to any of that right? You don’t object to registering the gun, you don’t object to background check on you, you think that’s good?

RUBIO: Sure, that’s the law in Florida. By the way in Florida we have something called 10-20-Life. If a crime is committed in possession of a gun it’s a mandatory 10 years, if you pull out that gun it’s a mandatory 20 years and if you use that gun you are away for life even the first time you commit that. And what’s happened is these criminals that use guns are in jail and not out there committing these crimes.

26 January, 2013: Interview on the O’Reilly Factor

Marco Rubio on the October, 2015 Oregon school shooting

MATT LAUER: If I say to you that a young man, 26 years old living in Oregon with a history of mental illness according to his own mother owned 14 guns what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

MARCO RUBIO: That his family shouldn’t have allowed him to do it, that he should have been reported to authorities, that there should have been more mental health services available for someone like that. What I know is this; many of the proposals that are out there now on gun control would not have prevented that attack or some of the others we’ve seen in the past. Unfortunately in cases of mental illness or in the cases of someone who just wants a gun to carry out a crime they’re not going to follow the law.

LAUER: So How would you lead on this issue? If you are the president of the United States how would you lead so that issues and cases like the Oregon community college shooting do not continue to repeat themselves?

(2:55 – 4:30)
RUBIO: Well a couple points to make on this. Number one is we need to start examining why it is that people are taking violent action not what their using to commit the violent act with. And we have two issues in this country. One is mental illness which we need to begin to address more seriously as opposed to stigmatizing it or in some cases trying to put it aside and that’s a societal thing we need to confront as a society in a country. And the other of course is why have we become so violent as individuals? What is it that’s leading people in this country who are not mentally ill to do the sort of drive by shootings and things that we’ve seen?

LAUER: Two issues. We’ve got why are people so violent, mental illness, you do not see guns as an issue at all?

RUBIO: Guns are what they’re using to commit the violence and again in many of these cases the laws that are actually being proposed would not have prevented them. For example these were not assault rifles. These were hand guns that he had purchased. The same was true in a previous attack just a few weeks ago. The laws that many are proposing would have done nothing to prevent these attacks.

6 October, 2015: Interview on NBC News Today Show

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