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Marco Rubio on Guantanamo

Rubio is opposed to the closing of Guantanamo

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN: 2016 GOP Presidential Candidate Senator Marco Rubio goes on the record. Nice to see you sir.

MARCO RUBIO: Nice to talk to you again Greta

VAN SUSTEREN: Senator the big news today of course is Gitmo and out of your twitter account it says “Obama’s plan to close Gitmo is a continuation of prioritizing his own legacy over the safety of American people.” Are you saying that he cares more, sort of selfishly, about his legacy then the safety of American people?

RUBIO: Because there’s no security rationale for doing what he’s doing. He’s arguing, he’s saying things like Al-Qaeda and ISIS are attacking us because of Gitmo. That’s absurd. It doesn’t have anything to do with Gitmo. They attacked us because they’re radical Islamic jihadists. That’s why they attack us and our interests and other innocent people around the world. Second, there’s no national security rationale for what he’s doing because many of the people that are being released from Gitmo are returning to the fight against us. Today we wake up to the news that Spanish police have arrested a former Gitmo detainee that had returned to the battlefield against the United States. This is all about fulfilling a campaign promise to close Guantanamo and it leaves America more vulnerable. And it isn’t going to happen. We’re going to fight it every step of the way.

VAN SUSTEREN: Would you make that same argument sir to President Bush? Because when he was president he released 500 and apparently according to the numbers President Obama has only released 147. And I realize as we get down the chain you get to the most dangerous ones but would you make that same statement to President Bush?

RUBIO: Well that’s an important distinction. There are a lot of people in Guantanamo and some who had wound up there had been people that were rounded up in operations and didn’t pose a threat. But now as you said the less and less people you have there as you get down that line the more dangerous they become. I would say this however about anybody who is in favor of releasing enemy combatants who are trained killers from Guantanamo, many of whom have been pretty open about expressing their desire to return to the battlefield against America. And that’s in fact what many of them have done, they leave and they return to the fight against us. So I would say that about anybody Republican or Democrat that puts our national security at risk.

VAN SUSTEREN: We talk about release and my understanding of the plan is some of them will be transferred. They use the word transfer but I agree I call it release too. But that a number of them that are the more serious ones will be brought to the United States and placed in regional federal prisons here. Do you object to that? They’ll be in custody.

RUBIO: But there’s no need for them to be here. Guantanamo is a first rate facility for holding enemy combatants. I visited there personally. There’s no rationale or reason for moving them from there, none whatsoever, or bringing them to the homeland of the United States which could create problems for us here. So I think it goes back to why? We have a Guantanamo facility. It is a facility that was built and is capable for detaining people such as these who are enemy combatants in a war on terror and that’s where they should continue to be held. I think we should be moving more people there. If we capture terrorists in the battlefield in the fight against ISIS or wherever it may be we should be taking them to Guantanamo as well.

24 February, 2016: Interview with Greta Van Susteren on Fox News “On the Record” (0:33- 3:25)

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