Withdrawn 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate

U.S. Senator from Florida

Marco Antonio Rubio
Born: May 28th, 1971  (age 45)

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Marco Rubio on the Federal Budget

In 2013, Rubio opposed the budget brokered by Senator Patty Murray and Representative Paul Ryan, criticizing it for excessive spending. Rubio has spoken out against the concept of the government “spending more money than it takes in” - deficit spending.

MARCO RUBIO: “We have a government that continues to spend more money than it takes in at an alarming pace. That is going to trigger a debt crisis. It is stifling job creation. It is holding American ingenuity back. When is there going to be urgency around here about addressing that? This budget does not do that. And while compromise hopefully will lead to a solution on that, so far it has not.”

13 December, 2013: Rubio is interviewed on CBS This Morning about his opposition to the Ryan/Murray budget

Rubio opposes any reductions in defense spending, arguing that it has historically proven ill-advised, and he criticizes President Barack Obama for making such cuts.

MARCO RUBIO: “Thank you, Mr. President. So, during this administration – let me begin by saying that I believe that defense spending is the most important obligation of the federal government. That doesn't mean we throw money away or we put money in places where it doesn't belong or we fund projects that have no utility. But it does mean that the most important thing the federal government does for America is defend it. And we have benefited from the fact that, for the last 100 years, America has had the most powerful military force on the planet. This is especially true since the end of the second World War. There have been times in our history when we've tried to save money by cutting back on defense spending, and each and every time has forced us to come back later and spend even more to make up for it. Interesting to point that in times in the past when we've taken what they call a “peace dividend”, in essence this idea that the world is no longer unstable or unsafe, and we can now spend less on defense, each and every time we've had to come back and make up for it later as a new threat emerged. I don't think we can make the argument that this is a time when the world is stable or peaceful. And yet this is a time of dramatic reductions in defense spending. During this administration, first came defense cuts of over $480 billion over ten years. Adding insult to injury, by the way, was that the savings that were found in the defense budget were redirected to already-bloated domestic programs. Fact that Secretary Gates wrote in his memoirs about the extent to which he was forced cut costs, saying, and I quote: 'No other department had done anything comparable, even proportionately.'”

(0:26 - 1:53)

24 March, 2015: Rubio speaks in the US Senate

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