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U.S. Senator from Florida

Marco Antonio Rubio
Born: May 28th, 1971  (age 45)

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Marco Rubio on Cuba

Rubio strongly opposed the opening of the U.S Embassy in Havana Cuba.

KT MCFARLAND: Secretary Kerry’s in Cuba today and he’s raising the American flag over the U.S Embassy in Havana. Is this a mistake?

MARCO RUBIO: What he should be raising is the issue of people in Cuba that have been dying for freedom and fighting for freedom and demonstrating for freedom for all these years and are faced with a government that has made it patently clear nothing is going to change in Cuba. Other than more American money pouring in there’s not going to be any changes so I think the biggest mistake of all today specifically is that when John Kerry raises that flag there won’t be a single person of civil society that’s involved in the freedom movement in Cuba involved. I think not only is that tragic it’s deeply counter-productive and devastating to that cause.

MCFARLAND: Flash forward: President Marco Rubio what are you going to do about our policies?

RUBIO: I’m going to enforce the existing law. There’s existing laws. The Cuban Democracy Act, the Helms Burton Act, they’re in place. And they require that in order for there to be certain openings toward Cuba for the Cuban government to do certain things and those conditions will be met when I’m President or there will not be this increased travel and trade with Cuba and so forth. And the embassy will be downgraded back to where it belongs and that is an Interests Section. I don’t believe we should be recognizing diplomatically an illegitimate government never elected by its people who conduct Anti- American operations from harboring fugitives to providing grounds for the Chinese and Russians to spy against us from Cuba.

14 August, 2015: Fox News Defcon 3 by KT


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