Former 2016 Libertarian Presidential Candidate

Lawyer and Engineer

Derrick Michael Reid
Born: June 30th, 1954  (age 61)
Derrick Michael Reid is a graduate of Western State University and the University of California, and has attended numerous other institutions of higher learning. He boasts of having twenty years of educational instruction and forty-five years of professional training to his credit, and claims that he logged such long hours during that period (at times over a hundred hours per week) that he effectively enjoys the benefits of some one-hundred years of combined study and experience. Despite having been a gifted student who readily mastered the difficult fields of engineering and law (so that he is now both an electronic engineer and an attorney), he admits that his ability to write and otherwise communicate in English is limited, calling mathematics his first language.

Reid is a religious man and self-avowed “huge fan of Jesus”, crediting great religious movements of the last 5,000 years with the establishing of social taboos against incest, adultery, abortion, murder, cannibalism, and homosexuality. Nevertheless, he is amenable to gay rights, arguing that the social paradigm has changed from ancient to modern times so that the imperative to reproduce has diminished in a now overpopulated world. While personally disapproving of homosexual conduct, he firmly maintains that the federal government has no place passing or enforcing laws regarding sexual behavior between consenting adults. He does, however, believe that states should be allowed to rule individually on such matters.

Reid is extremely critical of the US Supreme Court, believing that that body has effectively destroyed the rule of law in the United States by declaring that the Constitution is a “living document” open to continual reinterpretation, which he reads as code for the judicial branch of government to decide that anything they wish to impose on the nation is constitutional, thus ruling by fiat. He advocates for the need of a “Libereen” administration that will put a halt to the overreach of the judiciary.

Broadly speaking, Reid supports individual liberty and states' rights over the authority of the federal government, and a return to what he views as basic, revolutionary-era interpretations of the Constitution. In this, he attracts conservative and Libertarian attention, but ironically, many right-wing voters who share his fervent religious beliefs may be put off by his permissive attitude towards homosexuality. Furthermore, it is a reality of American politics that charisma and people skills are an essential component of any successful politician, and as here Reid fails by his own admission, he faces great challenges in gaining traction towards public recognition.

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