Chad Koppie
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Former 2016 Constitution Party Presidential Candidate

Farmer and retired jet pilot

Chad Koppie
Born: February 23rd, 1938  (age 78)
Chad Koppie was born and raised in rural Illinois, on his family's vast 4000-acre farm that stretched north into southern Wisconsin. After graduating from high school, he joined the US Army and served overseas. Once his enlistment was done, he returned home to the United States to study Aviation at Perdue University before going on to begin a career as a pilot flying jumbo jets. Koppie is now retired, but remains active as a member of the Kane County Regional Board of Schools as well as having a seat on the Illinois Forum board. He continues to live on a more modest farm of 80 acres, while renting some 1200 acres of land on which he grows crops.

Koppie is a traditional conservative, both in the fiscal and social sense. A lifetime member of the National Rifle Association, he supports gun rights. He is also pro-life on abortion, opposes homosexual marriage, and calls for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act – or “Obamacare”. He also favors empowerment of the states, declaring that the National Department of Education and Common Core should be eliminated, with control of schools returning to the local level. On the issue of controlled substances, he believes the federal government lacks the authority to pass drug laws without a constitutional amendment, and maintains that such laws are at the discretion of the states.

His conservatism extends into taxation as well, where he advocates for the abolition of the Internal Revenue Service and supports a reduction in taxes. He also believes in a free market economy and competition in the corporate sector, calling for an end to corporate welfare and what he calls “government discrimination” against small businesses. He opposes amnesty for illegal aliens, and is against all forms of foreign aid.

With an emphasis on family values and religious faith paired with traditional conservative policies, Chad Koppie can expect a receptive audience among the deep south and the American heartland. He would be challenged, however, to find support amongst moderate and undecided voters, to whom he risks coming off as too deeply on the right. His lack of political experience also works against him, promising to make it difficult for him to gain traction in any eventual run for the presidency.

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