Withdrawn 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate

Governor of Ohio

John Richard Kasich
Born: May 13th, 1952  (age 64)

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John Kasich on Syria

Kasich wants the rebels to take out Assad and is opposed to taking in refugees until a system is in place to determine who they are.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: What did we gain out of knocking down Iraq? What did we gain out of taking apart Libya? What do we gain going after Syria? What did we gain helping to knock off Mubarak?

JOHN KASICH: You know what we gain if we knock off Assad? You know who his big funders are? It’s Iran; Iran wants to own Syria. Who else? The Russians, who are also aligned with Iran. Having the rebels take Assad out will be a good thing for the world and the Saudis are willing to get in the middle and settle it down. How about the Saudis coming out today and saying they’ve got a coalition of 35 or 40 people to go destroy ISIS? I mean that’s pretty impressive.

MATTHEWS: We’ll see.

KASICH: But we have to lead.

16 December, 2015: Interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews in Las Vegas, NV (2:58- 3:32)

“Look, in the state we don’t have the authority; we can only express our concerns. One of my daughters last night said “daddy why are you not going to let these people come in? What is that? What’s that about daddy?” because I know as some of my friends who are here today would agree sometimes I’m criticized for having a big heart. I do have a big heart but I also have a pretty good brain. And I said to my daughter “Reese, you know we understand these people are in trouble. But think about, Reese, us putting somebody on our street in our town or in our country who mean us harm. We can’t do that can we Reese?” “I understand now daddy why you said what you said.”

“We just have to have a system that can determine who these people are. And what really got my attention was James Clapper who said “we are not confident that we can determine who they are” Now, maybe we can develop a system to do that but at the current time we can’t. We’ve just got to be very careful for our friends, our neighbors, our families and our country.”

“Right now, until we get a handle on where we are we need to stop. And once we have a rational program and we can determine who it is that’s coming then it’s another story. But for this point in time in light of what we’re seeing in the world it’s reasonable to stop.”

17 November, 2015: Press Conference Washington D.C.

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