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John Kasich on North Korea

Kasich said we need to rely on and urge China to deal with North Korea, have ballistic missile defense in Asia and quarantine North Korea by stopping their ships and intercepting their aircraft.

MARTHA MACCALLUM: Joining us now in New Hampshire republican presidential candidate and Ohio Governor John Kasich. Governor, good morning, good to have you with us today.

JOHN KASICH: Good morning Martha

MACCALLUM: Obviously everything I just laid out raises so many questions and one of the biggest is is it our responsibility to try to turn the tide with all of these hot spots that are a huge threat around the world?

KASICH: Well with Iran and Saudi Arabia we keep our nose out of it. The difference between Shia and Sunni, that fighting has been going on since about the sixth century and the last thing we need to do is get in the middle of it. Now we hope it will settle down but it’s not our place to be in the middle of it. Secondly in regard to North Korea this has been a problem that has plagued many administrations, not just the Obama administration. But this has gone back for a long time and it was a policy that allowed us to kick the can down the road and we’re getting to the point where the cans getting bigger and it’s harder to kick. So the answer here really lies with the Chinese which is why even though we have to make clear to them the fact that they can’t cyber attack us and they don’t own the south china sea we don’t want to turn them into an enemy. And we need to rely on them and urge them to deal with this leader in North Korea. In addition I think we need ballistic missile defense in Asia. And finally Martha, and this is the most serious issue, we have to be able to intercept both by air and by sea those efforts by North Korea to take very dangerous weapons or components or material and to ship them to other people in the world. This is one of the biggest problems the world is going to face, the proliferation of very dangerous weapons, weapon systems to non state actors not just to Iran but to non state actors. I’m talking about people who don’t wear a uniform and who don’t live in a designated country where the policy of the tariffs may not even work. That’s what’s facing us down the road. That is what’s going to face my daughters as they get older and older. They’re going to be sixteen here and throughout their lifetime this is going to be a big issue. We must make sure that we quarantine North Korea.


KASICH: Well you can’t let them ship things out Martha. If they’re on the sea we’ve got to stop the ships.

MACCALLUM: But how do you stop them? How would you use our military? How do you stop them?

KASICH: Oh yeah well they were supposed to have been doing this. I don’t know how robust this is. You stop them right on the sea and if we suspect that they are flying things out we’re going to have to intercept aircraft. I mean we just don’t have any choice but the easiest way to deal with this is on the sea, the easiest way to intercept is on the sea, and we were supposed to be doing it. How robust this has been? I really don’t know. I mean there’s a lot of suspicion that they have been selling, trading or giving ballistic missile capability to Iran so that Iran could mount potentially a nuclear weapon on top of a ballistic missile. They have to miniaturize it and the other concern though for me is the shipping out of uranium enriched material. I mean it’s very very concerning. So I think we need to make it clear to the world that this is not tolerable because this is an out of control regime and the world is going to pay a price for this. Not just us but the world will if non state actors over time are able to accumulate this kind of material. None of this is a reason to panic I mean steady as she goes but firm.

7 January, 2016: Interview with Martha Maccullum on Fox News (0:34 – 4:03)

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