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John Kasich on Iran

Kasich is strongly opposed to the Iran nuclear deal.

JOHN DICKERSON: Now we want to go to republican presidential candidate and Governor John Kasich who joins us now from Columbus Ohio. Governor you’ve talked about the importance of diplomacy. So how do you evaulate this recent release of prisoners and in addition the ten sailors who were released earlier this week?

JOHN KASICH: Well John ya know it’s sort of funny. I woke up this morning and it’s interesting that I would be thinking about the Iran deal as I was getting ready to come over here, the Iran nuclear deal. I’m sort of sick to my stomach about it because what’s going to happen is Iran’s going to get a ton of money and this money they can use to spread a lot of trouble in the Middle East. In fact there have been reports from some other Arab countries that they’re actually more worried about the economic gains of Iran than they are what they think is the potential development of a weapon. I’ve heard this from various people. Look I just think it was a terrible deal what they did there. And in terms of the release I’m glad these people are out but they were there on trumped up charges. I mean you know that reporter who was held there for a very long time who every journalist in America said was falsely taken. They trump up charges and it’s a bad situation. We’re glad they’re out but we don’t want to have the Iranians just grabbing people and then trying to get their own people out. But we ought to focus now on this Iran deal. John, my sense is if I were President today I would be meeting with every one of our allies around the world and saying we’re going to monitor this deal and if they violate one crossed t or one dotted i we need to slap the sanctions back on. What I’m concerned about is if they violate the deal money’s going to talk and some of these countries are going to continue to just move forward and excuse Iran and that’s just simply not a good development and it’s a bad deal period end of story.

DICKERSON: And so very briefly before we move on you don’t think that this diplomacy the release here is a beneficial result of that deal and all the negotiations that were put in? That’s the argument that Secretary Kerry is making.

KASICH: Well look I mean the fact that they’re communicating and these folks got released I guess you could make an argument like that. But let’s go back to the reporter who was arrested under trumped up charges. I mean, remember I was down at that White House correspondent’s dinner where every single speaker called on the president and Iran to just get that gentlemen out of there and they have but I mean the guy had no business being held. So where’s the great victory here John? The great victory is for the families. I mean I’m thrilled for the families that their relatives have been released but I mean to say this was some great thing I think is overstating it by a long shot.

17 January, 2016: Interview with John Dickerson on CBS Face The Nation (0:26 – 3:12)

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