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John Richard Kasich
Born: May 13th, 1952  (age 64)

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John Kasich on Health Care

Kasich wants to replace Obamacare with a market oriented system that is in place in Ohio.

MAJOR GARRETT: Let’s just go down what Obamacare has now. It can be stay, go, keep it or not keep it. So would you keep the individual mandate now?

JOHN KASICH: No, I don’t think it’s enforceable. I have my own health care plan.

GARRETT: Would you keep the federal exchanges?

KASICH: I think exchanges are good but I don’t think you need to have a federal exchange. I think it’s possible to have a private sector exchange so people can shop just like they can for insurance. But let me, before we go through all that. I would say what I support in Obamacare, and we should have done, and I thought we had achieved a lot of it but we hadn’t, which is you shouldn’t be able to lose your health care because of a preexisting condition.

GARRETT: I was going to ask you.

KASICH: So that’s really really critical.

GARRETT: Keep that?

KASICH: Yes, but I have my own program here. My own program we’re starting to carry out in Ohio which I think is scalable in the country. And that is to incentivize a primary care doctor to work with both insurance companies and providers to treat people, to keep them healthy. So the primary care doctor becomes a shepherd. And as you walk through the system, instead of going to a hospital and getting ten tests when we need two, you go to the hospital and get two tests. Like in our little city of Columbus; not little city but big city of Columbus. We have the children’s hospital treating asthma and they figured out a way to have protocols to keep children out of the hospital. Which means the hospital gets less revenue; the insurance company has more profits. They share the benefit of kids being healthier and not being hospitalized. In other words this whole business of why don’t we switch medicine from quantity to quality, why don’t we reward all the parties in there to make sure we get the kind of health care we need, the quality care we need, at the lowest possible price. And that’s the way most things in the 21st century are working. Except somehow you know this Obamacare was a terrible terrible decision.

GARRETT: How much of Obamacare touches what you just described?

KASICH: It doesn’t do that. It doesn’t have anything to do with controlling costs. It’s driven up health insurance costs. It’s a top down approach and doesn’t rely on the market. What it does is say the market is flawed so we’re not going to make the market work better. We’re going to substitute government for managing the market. That never works in the United States of America. So I’d rather have a market oriented system and just to give you an example on this, Major, by taking a Medicaid program that we’ve had. We’ve been able to significantly reduce the cost of that program by using common sense innovation to be able to cover more people with prices of Medicaid going down because of innovation and the things we do to deliver better survives. You know somehow we’ve gotten to the point in government where we don’t think government can be made to work better and I don’t agree with that. Government can be a lot more effective and a lot more efficient.

18 August, 2015: Interview with CBS News Chief White House Correspondent Major Garrett

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