Withdrawn 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate

Governor of Ohio

John Richard Kasich
Born: May 13th, 1952  (age 64)

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John Kasich on Education

Kasich supports Common Core, School Choice and local control

“The bottom line is that education is the method by which we unlock the purposes of why we’re here. I mean it allows us to develop the skills that we use to bring justice and healing and innovation and invention to the world. 2016 it should be every day is how important public education is and or all education is and you know we’ve made it a very high priority in my state.
I think it’s the job of a president to be able to travel the country to be able to let people know what is really working in education. The idea that the president is in charge of local schools is not a good idea but the president can become a cheerleader for what works in the states.

We have used School Choice in Ohio with vouchers and also with charter schools and the ability of parents to take over failing schools. Parents should be the ones that are so intimately involved because they love their kids and they want their kids to do well. They have big dreams for them and education is part of the path to realizing a big dream.”

19 August, 2015: Interview with The Seventy Four at New Hampshire Education Summit

BRET BAIER: We have some Facebook questions. Phillip Miles types in “why do you support Common Core? As a teacher and a conservative, I see it destroying education.”

JOHN KASICH: Well look again let me talk about Ohio. In my state we’re raising standards and the curriculum to meet those standards is being set by local school boards with advisory councils from parents. So we don’t have anybody from the white house, from Washington telling people what to do. And I don’t even tell schools what to do. But we want high standards. A couple reasons one is before Ohio did not raise its standards and we fell farther behind compared to other states. Secondly we need high standards in America because we need to compete in the world and we see in math and in English when they measure us vis-a-vis the world we’re not doing very well. So high standards but also local control.

BAIER: So when you hear people like Phillip and others in this wave of concern about Common Core you think it’s what? A misunderstanding?

KASICH: Well in my state I’m just telling you what we’re doing. And we have the higher standards and the local control. We may ultimately not have the tests that measures how kids perform but a lot of schools now have been moving forward on this and I’m not going to back up for high standards. I’m not going to have lower standards. Lower standards so everybody is more comfortable? No no no no no.

7 August, 2015: Interview with Bret Bair on Fox News Special Report

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