Withdrawn 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate

Governor of Ohio

John Richard Kasich
Born: May 13th, 1952  (age 64)

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John Kasich on Abortion

Kasich is pro-life except in cases of rape, incest and life of the mother.

DANA BASH: Let me ask you about some social issues; abortion. You are pro-life. Should there be exceptions?

JOHN KASICH: Yeah I’ve always been for exceptions for rape, incest and life of the mother.

BASH: And as you know because you were standing on the stage, two of your competitors Marco Rubio and Scott Walker said they’re for no exceptions.

KASICH: Look, I think no matter what your position is on the issue you have to have respect for people, and I do, and it’s an issue that people have a right to have a different point of view.

BASH: Do you think that either would be electable against a democrat, supporting abortion with no exceptions?

KASICH: Well I think it’s an important issue but I think there’s many other issues that are really critical; early childhood, infant mortality, the environment, education. I think we focus too much on this one issue. And now that the issue of gay marriage is off the table we’re kind of down to one social issue.

BASH: But it’s one that matters to a lot of people.

KASICH: It matters to people on both sides.

BASH: Why are exceptions part of your belief?

KASICH: Because I think it’s reasonable.

16 August, 2015: Interview with CNN’s Dana Bash (2:36 – 3:39)

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