Declared 2016 Libertarian Presidential Candidate

Former Governor of New Mexico

Gary Earl Johnson
Born: January 1st, 1953  (age 64)

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Gary Johnson and Religion

GARY JOHNSON: I am not Islamophobic. I am Shariah-phobic. When you have a country that’s governed by Shariah law, and within Shariah law, and I’m talking now about Iran, where we have a country governed by Shariah law, which clearly states death to infidels, the United States, Israel, how can you, how can you allow them nuclear weapon if life’s greatest calling is dying, uh, in pursuit of that goal, uh, elimination of those that don’t believe - in that broad category, it’s you and I. You can’t let them have a bomb, and yet, dropping bombs, creates the worst situation.

17 September, 2015: Gary Johnson interview with Joshua Cook of Truth In Media

PEDRO ECHEVARRIA: Harold in New Jersey. Republican line.

HAROLD/CALLER: Gary, you make a lot of sense, you really do. You make a lot of sense on a lot of issues. But, there is one thing. You apparently ignore a part of the constitution in regards to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Would you give money to Planned Parenthood? Additionally, do you believe that our country was founded on the value that God is father of all? God loves all, God sent the golden commandments, love God and love your neighbor as yourself. I would vote for you. I normally vote for the Constitution Party. I believe in the constitution. If you stand for what our Founding Fathers work for so collaboratively for months and months, if you were there when our constitution was started, would you believe in life? God loves us all. The one other thing that, the reality is that we are, by nature, fallen people… fallen people. The devil is trying to stop you and any of the other people trying to do good things. I pray that you and other libertarians will love life because life is so precious.

ECHEVARRIA: Governor Johnson, go ahead.

GARY JOHNSON: You've touched on a number of things. First and foremost, abortion. How could there be a more difficult decision in anyone's life? It is the woman involved that needs to make those choices. I firmly believe that. When it comes to Planned Parenthood come and looking to reduce the size of government, Planned Parenthood, I'm looking to reduce the size of government. Would I propose a reduced expenditure to Planned Parenthood? Yes. Just like I would propose a reduced expenditure to everything. Republicans at the end of the day and end up taking it on the chin when it comes to Planned Parenthood. They are part of the whole. Regarding the separation of church and state, I fervently believe there should be a separation of church and state. I grew up as a Christian, but should God play a role in government? No. That is firmly established in the constitution.

31 May, 2016: Gary Johnson with Pedro Echevarria on Washington Journal on (starting at 30:02)

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