Declared 2016 Libertarian Presidential Candidate

Former Governor of New Mexico

Gary Earl Johnson
Born: January 1st, 1953  (age 64)

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Gary Johnson on North Korea

MICHAEL SMERCONISH: What is it mean for you relative to foreign policy? How do you see ISIS for example?

GARY JOHNSON: Well there is a very real threat out there. Make no mistake. If we’re attacked, we need to attack back. But I do believe that our military interventions have had the unintended consequence of, uh, at, at, at, at the best, our, our intervention, uh, end up being the same, meaning the consequence of our intervention being, end up being the same. At worst, they do make things worse. For example, we take out, uh, Saddam Hussein, Iraq, uh, well that was the check when it came to Iran. So, we cut off the head of the hydra, and lo and behold, now we have Iran to deal with, which prior to us going into Iraq, um, that was their biggest concern.

I think the biggest, uh, I think the biggest threat in the world today is North Korea. And the nukes that they have, at some point, uh, Kim is going to be able to, uh, those intercontinental ballistic missiles are gonna actually work at some point. And in my opinion we should be partnering with the Chinese, and perhaps unite the Koreans and get out troops out of there. And the world, I mean, looking at worst threat in the world today, that would, that’s what I would point at.

10 May, 2016: Gary Johnson on The Michael Smerconish Program, Sirius XM

"I'm open to anything, but I don't see the wisdom in that. [Kim] seems to be nuts. But I do agree that North Korea is the biggest threat in the world today because one of these days, one of their ICBMs is going to work."

22 May, 2016: Libertarian's Gary Johnson Vows to Target Clinton, Trump in National Race

ANDERSON COOPER: In terms of national security threats to the United States, what do you think are the top national security threat, or the top three even?

GARY JOHNSON: Well, the top national security threat in my opinion is North Korea. At some point, Kim, these intercontinental ballistic missiles are gonna actually work. Uh, and, so diplomacy to the hilt, involve China when it comes to North Korea. Um, potentially unifying the Koreas, something that’s been talked about. And potentially removing 40,000 troops out of South Korea.

31 May, 2016: Gary Johnson on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360°

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