Declared 2016 Libertarian Presidential Candidate

Former Governor of New Mexico

Gary Earl Johnson
Born: January 1st, 1953  (age 64)

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Gary Johnson on National Security

JOE ROGAN: So, you’re president, how do handle Julian Assange? How do you handle Edward Snowden? What do you do about these two very high profile situations where most people believe that the information they released was very important to the American public. Very important to understanding what the government is actually doing.

GARY JOHNSON: I agree. I agree.

ROGAN: So, do you pardon Julian Assange?

JOHNSON: Well, Julian Assange has not been charged. I don’t think by the U.S. government.

ROGAN: We know what’s really going on though. We know what’s really going on though.

JOHNSON: Well Snowden, yes. Snowden, yes. You pardon Snowden. Uh, you know, he has brought to the forefront, this uh, you know, this mass surveillance. So Joe, look. The entire NSA is an Executive Order. 12333, under Truman. You could repeal that Executive Order to simply turn the satellites away from you and I. 110 million Verizon users this metadata collection, you could, you can. It’s my understanding that by Executive Order you can turn the satellites on the bad guys as opposed to U.S. citizens.

ROGAN: But don’t you think that if someone actually did that, they’d probably put you in a convertible and roll you through Dallas?

JOHNSON: That’s also a possibility.

ROGAN: What are you trying to say? You gonna get rid the NSA, or diminish the NSA, or the CIA, or the FBI, you would be in a bad place.

JOHNSON: It’s a possibility.

17 May, 2016: Gary Johnson on the The Joe Rogan Experience

DAVE RUBIN: So what is the libertarian view on foreign policy? Because one of the interesting things I was seeing in the GOP debates, is that these guys are very to the right. Like, they don’t talk about nation building anymore, but they’re still talking about war and bombing, and Rand (Paul) was the one guy that was saying, “Eh, maybe we need a little more nuance here.” He’s no longer part of this thing. So what would be the true Libertarian view on foreign policy?

GARY JOHNSON: First of all, anyone that’s going to do us harm, whether that’s individuals, groups, corporations, foreign governments, that’s a government responsibility to protect us against those that would do us harm. There is a real Islamic terrorist threat out there. Um, is it best addressed with military intervention? No, military interventions, I’m gonna say is making things worse. So do we address it with boots on the ground, more bombs, more drone strikes? No! What we need to do is cut off the funding, in my opinion, to the politics of Islamic extremism which is Shariah law.

RUBIN: Yeah, so you’re making the distinction, and this is one of the things we talked about all the time, between the religious aspect and the political side.

JOHNSON: We are, to the death, we’re going to fight for religious freedom and allow religious freedom. But we need to recognize that the politics of Islamic extremism is Shariah law, and it is absolutely incompatible with the U.S. constitution, starting with women’s rights.

RUBIN: So what do you make of our alliances? Saudi Arabia is a great example. It’s a country that is basically governed by the Shariah law, that women still can’t drive, they can sort of vote now, I mean there’s a litany of things. They’re doing quite the beheading thing too. It’s just not ISIS. And yet they’re one of our biggest allies.

JOHNSON: So, it starts with awareness. I mean, we need to bring about this awareness within the United States that has not been clearly defined. And I think this does offer this clear distinction between the politics of Islamic extremism, Shariah law, and freedom of religion of Islam. But it starts with awareness – we’re not there.

15 February, 2016: Gary Johnson speaking on The Rubin Report

"The NSA is a complete executive order as it is under [President Harry] Truman,” Johnson said. "We could turn those satellites on what is supposed to be the enemy. The fact that they’re pointed on us right now, doesn’t that cause everyone a bit of concern? It should. Look, there’s due process for spying, but due process is not blanket collection of all of our data."

Asked whether he could actually eliminate the NSA simply through executive order, Johnson responded: "Apparently. I’m waiting for someone to prove me wrong. This is what I’ve been told.”

6 June, 2016: Libertarian Gary Johnson: I'd eliminate NSA, IRS if elected

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