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Former Governor of New Mexico

Gary Earl Johnson
Born: January 1st, 1953  (age 64)

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Gary Johnson on the Minimum Wage

GARY JOHNSON: I do not support the federal minimum wage.

24 June, 2016: What Libertarian Gary Johnson Believes in 2 minutes, CNN Politics

GARY JOHNSON: Having had my own business, having had a thousand employees at one point, minimum wage was not an issue because we paid so much more than minimum wage. We had to have people that showed up, wore clean clothes, and you know, on top of that, a few of them could add and subtract and a few of them could say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Those were people that had my job.

But minimum wage, look, I think he’s missing the boat. Why doesn’t he raise it to $75 an hour? Well, of course he can’t raise it to $75 an hour because then prices would go way up, and nobody would be able to afford to hire anybody. Oh, I see. $75 is too high but ten, ten is just the right number? How do you arrive at that? Why not let the market place arrive at that? And I just think it had much to do, minimum wage, had much to do about nothing. I mean, nobody works for minimum wage back to this notion of showing up on time and wearing clean clothes. Get you way above minimum wage.

ALYONA MINKOVSKI: Well that’s not, that’s certainly not true. (unclear) we see a lot of people that work incredibly hard and they are working for minimum wage and-

JOHNSON: Where? Where, where, where-

MINKOVSKI: Well, I think you can look in some of the areas where we’ve seen a lot of protest recently, right. And a lot of workers trying to go on strike like, in fast food sectors. I mean, these are employees that do not make what many people would like to call a living wage. And they also, they don’t get benefits, they don’t have any job security, (unclear) being able to choose their own schedule, they aren’t allowed to unionized -

JOHNSON: So, so let’s assume that it is higher than what they’re currently making. Who ends, ultimately ends up paying for that? Well, you and I as consumers. Prices go up. So it ends up being a wash in the long run. I just think when government gets involved in, in, in, setting wages, uh, there’s no stopping what government will intervene in doing. And who’s to say government is right? Let the market play its function.

MINKOVSKI: Well, to be honest Governor, don’t you think, let’s say if we go back-

JOHNSON: I hope you’re always honest, Alyona. I hope you’re always honest.

MINKOVSKI: If we go back – I hope you’re honest with me. If we go back and just talk about the fast food sector, you don’t think that, uh, a company like McDonalds, or Burger King, could afford to, maybe just swallow a little tiny bit of their massive profits that they make every year to pay their workers decent wage? It doesn’t necessarily have to trickle back on to the consumer.

JOHNSON: Well, it ends up to be a business decision that they end up making. And I’m gonna assume that they have demand, meaning, I’m gonna assume they have people that line up to go to work. Uh, in that, in that, they have, they have a business to uh, they have a business that they implement. And there are shareholders that own the company, and um, I just… Look, one of, one of the keys to-

MINKOVSKI: (muffled) this mentality right, that you’re constantly going to be making more and more and more profit. Isn’t there a bit of a moral argument in some sense to be made, even for business owners. Even if you’re running a huge corporation, you would like to keep your employee and your workforce happy?

JOHNSON: So one of the things I learned in business, one of the keys to my business success is tying people to the bottom line. You tie people to the profits in the company. It’s an ama, it’s amazing what happens when everybody’s pulling the cart in the same direction. But these are business decisions that I made, and like I said, I think, we were hugely successful as a result of, and that was one of the, one of the tenets of success was tying people to the bottom line. Now you’re back to fast food, and people make choices. Uh, you be what you can be, what you wanna be. And I still believe that. I also think that the president, he’s always talking about jobs. He’s always talking about people getting jobs. The need for more jobs. And when he leaves out, is the job creators. Entrepreneurs. The notion that, you as an individual – that’s something I always tell people. Let me give you some advice, Alyona. And it’s worth exactly what you’re paying for, which is nothing. And that is, to you and everybody else listening, apply what you know entrepreneurially. Make your own job. Make a job that you’re gonna end up hiring other people.

29 January, 2014: Gary Johnson speaking to Alyona Minkovski on HuffPost Live

GARY JOHNSON: Question from William. The Fair Tax will be a boost to bringing back cosmetic manufacturing. Would you take it further and repeal minimum wage? I support repeal of minimum wage. I think that, uh, I think that it’s a, outdated. I think it’s a, I think it’s punitive. And really we’re talking about kids now that uh, might be able to work that currently aren’t.

11 November, 2011: Gary Johnson on Yowie Online Town Hall Web Q&A Chat

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