Declared 2016 Libertarian Presidential Candidate

Former Governor of New Mexico

Gary Earl Johnson
Born: January 1st, 1953  (age 64)

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Gary Johnson on Iran

JOSHUA COOK: But, I mean, really is it, is the GOP, I mean, it seems like they’re so, I mean, talk about going after Iran, but they never talk about the mess, basically, creating the rise of ISIS, by training and funding these Sunni rebels, and they don’t talk about blowback at all. If you were president, and you decided to run, and if you won and became the President of the United States, what would you do regarding foreign policy in the Middle East right now?

GARY JOHNSON: Well, I think we need to recognize our enemy, and our enemy is radical Islam. That’s our enemy, and (illegible) dry up the funding to this, we can do a better job, of, of drying up the funding, the terrorist organization. And that will also include money that are coming in to the United States. And it doesn’t involve boots on the ground, and ti doesn’t involve dropping bombs. But there is a real stretch, you know, I, uh, of late… I am not Islamophobic. I am Shariah-phobic. When you have a country that’s governed by Shariah law, and within Shariah law, and I’m talking now about Iran, where we have a country governed by Shariah law, which clearly states death to infidels, the United States, Israel, how can you, how can you allow them nuclear weapon if life’s greatest calling is dying, uh, in pursuit of that goal, uh, elimination of those that don’t believe - in that broad category, it’s you and I. You can’t let them have a bomb, and yet, dropping bombs, creates the worst situation.

17 September, 2015: Gary Johnson interview with Joshua Cook of Truth In Media

'Crippling' sanctions only cripples the Iranian people. That does NOT make us safer. #debate #iran

22 October, 2012: Gary Johnson on Twitter

The former governor told TheDC that radical Islam is an “overblown” threat.

“You can argue we’re at war with ISIS, I’ll concede that,” Johnson said. He added, “Do I have issue with wiping out ISIS? If it involves boots on the ground, if it involves dropping bombs, if it involves flying drones, I think that all those methods have the unintended consequence of making things worse not better.”

The Libertarian nominee said that he would not add any additional restrictions to immigration from the Middle East. Johnson told TheDC that he’s a “skeptic” of the Iran deal because Iran “funds terrorism.” He also took issue with it on the grounds of transparency, saying, “no seems to know what’s in it.”

The former governor though wouldn’t get rid of the agreement if elected. Johnson would not be fine with a nuclear armed Iran, but would not definitively say what measures he would take to stop that hypothetical situation.

7 June, 2016: EXCLUSIVE: Gary Johnson Says The Threat Of Radical Islam Is ‘Overblown’, Daily Caller

GARY JOHNSON: I’m the only candidate that does not want to bomb Iran.

23 October, 2012: Gary Johnson’s advertisement for his presidential campaign, Cast a Vote for Peace

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