Declared 2016 Libertarian Presidential Candidate

Former Governor of New Mexico

Gary Earl Johnson
Born: January 1st, 1953  (age 64)

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Gary Johnson on Guantanamo

ANDREW NAPOLITANO: Governor, should we close Guantanamo Bay? Should the people there either be tried in federal district courts or returned to their country, or should we keep it open and let them stay there uncharged, untried for the rest of their lives?

GARY JOHNSON: Well, when president Obama didn’t close Guantanamo, and that was one of this promises, I really looked into the issue and I’ve had a really, a lot of prominent libertarians tell me that if it weren’t for Guantanamo, that we would have to create that situation somewhere else. So I kind of been sold on the notion that this is something that we have to have whether its, if it’s not Guantanamo it’s gonna be somewhere else. That these are enemy combatants, so, and uh, and not U.S. citizens. So, I’m on, I’ve been, I’ve been wooed over to the side that there’s a reason for keeping it open.

26 April, 2011: Governor Gary Johnson on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano, Fox News

DAVID MANSDOERFER: What’s your stance on Guantanamo Bay?

GARY JOHNSON: Well, that we should close Guan—we should close Guantanamo from the stand point of—so, maybe we don’t close Guantanamo, but we should stop the practice of detainment without charge and we should also stop any torturing that’s going on.


JOHNSON: That said, the notion of using a military tribunal’s for foreign combatants, you know, that has a real fairness to it. I mean we’re using military tribunals of our own military so using military tribunals—keeping Guantanamo Bay open, from the standpoint from a cross-benefit analysis, it just might be worth it to have an offshore, facility to be able to do, imprison convicted enemy combatants that close to our shores.

8 July, 2011: Interview with David Mansdoerfer, Nevada News & Views

  • No criminal or terrorist suspect captured by the U.S. should be subject to physical or psychological torture.

  • Individuals incarcerated unjustly by the U.S. should have the ability to seek compensation through the courts.

  • Individuals detained by the U.S., whether it be at Guantanamo Bay or elsewhere, must be given due process via the courts or military tribunals, and must not be held indefinitely without regard to those fundamental processes.

Accessed on 25 June, 2016: Foreign Policy,

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