Declared 2016 Libertarian Presidential Candidate

Former Governor of New Mexico

Gary Earl Johnson
Born: January 1st, 1953  (age 64)

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GARY JOHNSON: Well, so, so fracking. I’m going to keep an open mind on fracking because, uh, you know, the fact that in Pennsylvania you should turn on the water faucet and before fracking took place, water came out of there, and now you can light it. That’s a real concern. It’s a real, real life concern. I mean, we should all be concerned about that.

And then, mountain top mining. You know, fundamental to this country, is private property rights. So, if you hacking off the top of the mountain, and you own the mountain, it’s your right to be able to, to cut off the top of the mountain. If you start drawing lines when it comes to private property rights, then fundamentally, I think you’re bringing an end to what this country is all about also. So, I’m not going to get into mining business to, I mean, I climb Mt. Everest. I mean, my lifestyle is the mountain. I live just north of Taos because the skiing there is just good as anywhere on the planet.

And no, I don’t like to see environmental eyesores in any way. So now you’re back to rules and regulations, and the restorations of these areas after they’re done. And now you’re back to EPA, whether that’s state or federal, you’re have to, uh, before you can commence hacking off the top of the mountain you have to present a plan on what it’s going to look like afterwards. And you don’t get the permit in the first place if you can’t release that, produce that plan.

And I think that’s good. I mean, that’s back to not, that’s getting back to not doing away with the EPA and that’s back to balancing of property right. Yes, you have a right to be able to do that because it’s private land, but, but we have drawn lines there. And I think, perhaps those are important lines.

17 November, 2011: University of California Town Hall Q&A

GARY JOHNSON: You know Ryan, I would keep the bet that we have on the green space when it comes to energy. But the bet that we have on the green space right now is that every five years energy becomes - and by green space, wind, solar, biofuels, geothermal – the bet is that every five years all of these areas become 100% more efficient, much like semiconductor. That’s not happening. It’s not even coming close to happening. But if it were to happen, in fifteen years the green space could be providing 15% of our energy needs. We have to rely on traditional sources - that would be oil and gas. Oil, if we were to responsibly drill on our own territories which I think responsible is something that can take place. But if we responsibly drill in our own territories, in 15 years, we could be at 50% production of our own consumption, which is also significant.

We need to be utilizing natural gas more. I’m a free market guy when it comes to energy, so in a free market approach, so I don’t know if we’ll build any new nuclear facilities, given that no private underwriters is really gonna underwrite the liabilities associated with nuclear. I’m open to seeing the government in a role to do that. It’s an exciting notion to me that we have zero carbon emission from nuclear and the new plant, the new electrical generation facilities are a one refuel for 50 years of life. To me that’s an exciting, really exciting prospect.


I don’t want, I do not want to see government involved in that process. But if drilling for natural gas in Ohio is a viable economic possibility, the private sector is gonna be lined up to do that. And that’s the reality whether or not that does or does not happen. Not government.

2 November, 2012: Yowie Online Town Hall Web Q&A

GARY JOHNSON: And government has a role. Government absolutely has a role. Do I want to eliminate the EPA? No, I don’t want to eliminate the EPA. I think there’s a 43% largesse built into most government that a 43% in federal spending will really, will really bleed out the largesse. Bu the EPA for example, there are polluters. And as Governor of New Mexico, I saw it. And if it wasn’t for the EPA, they’ll still be polluting to this day. But because of the EPA, we’re able to shut them down. And I as governor was able to use that agency to be able to do that. So government has a role to protect us against individuals that would do us harm, and that’s businesses that would do us harm, and government has a role to provide for a strong national defense that we are not threatened militarily and that our way of life ends up changed.

17 November, 2011: University of California Town Hall Q&A

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