Declared 2016 Green Party Presidential Candidate

Physician, Reformer, Environmental Activist

Jill Stein
Born: May 14th, 1950  (age 66)

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Jill Stein on Terrorism

Stein wants to create a weapons embargo.

KIMBERLY ATKINS: And on that second point on terror, given what we saw happen in France yesterday what is your platform in terms of fighting terrorists?

JILL STEIN: Great. So, I’ll just say we have yet to understand fully what went on yesterday. It has many of the trademarks of a terrorist event but whether this was an extremely deranged and violent individual who had his own agenda, whether he was self-identifying with ISIS, we don’t yet know exactly the facts of the matter. But there is no doubt that this is related to the ongoing crisis of violence, of politically charged violence, and it’s global dimensions that is related to these wars and this so called war on terror.
I think this illustrates again that we need a bigger solution here and this happened in the midst of the state of emergency, so it’s an indicator that the state of emergency and surveillance and security measures by themselves are not the solution. We really have to address the driving forces here and we know that ISIS itself is an outgrowth of these wars that go back many cycles ultimately back to 9/11 and the beginning of this war on terror. But it’s acknowledged that these wars are not working and in fact with each cycle the terror becomes worse.

So it’s very important that we...I think number one we (unintelligible) to the Middle East. The U.S is basically applying a flame thrower by arming all sides and all combatants. We and our allies have actually been sponsors of terrorist organizations. You can go back to the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan which is where the whole so called jihad terror movement was started as essentially a U.S and Saudi strategy for dealing with the Soviet Union.
So very bad blood in here going back. Repeating the cycle of violence with more bombing and bullets doesn’t fix it. We need to create a weapons embargo. We need to stop funding that our allies in particular are providing. We cannot simultaneously fight terrorism while our allies are funding terrorism, arming terrorism and training terrorism. We need to get to the bottom of this and address the underlying injustices and inequities.

15 July, 2016: Interview with Kimberly Atkins on C-SPAN (11:00 – 13:41)

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