Declared 2016 Green Party Presidential Candidate

Physician, Reformer, Environmental Activist

Jill Stein
Born: May 14th, 1950  (age 66)

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Jill Stein on Foreign Affairs

Stein wants to shut down U.S bases around the world and transition active engagements to a policy based on international law, human rights and diplomacy.

SOPHIE SHEVARDNADZE: U.S foreign involvement- do you really think the U.S can just pull out its forces everywhere it’s stationed right now? I mean what would happen if U.S left Afghanistan all together? It would allow the Taliban to come back. What would happen to Iraq if the US left right now? It would turn into one big ISIS territory right? So we cannot just turn around and leave.

JILL STEIN: Of course. And the bases are a different story from the active engagements. So it’s the bases where we could quickly pick up and leave. I think for active engagements we need to transition very quickly to a policy based on international law, human rights and diplomacy. And in diplomacy, whether it’s Iraq or Syria or Afghanistan or Yemen all the places where we are actively involved we need to be a part of a coalition which is working first towards a cease fire and then towards active engagement that support the forces of democracy on the ground. So it’s not simply a matter of major foreign powers fighting proxy wars on behalf of their own power.

28 June, 2016: Interview with Sophie & Co on the RT Network (2:43 – 3:53)

JILL STEIN: So we have a foreign policy which is basically, what’s the strategy here? What’s the game plan? We’ve created failed failed states, mass refugee migrations and worse terrorist threats through these wars for oil or war on terror whatever you call it. It’s nuts and we need to abandon a foreign policy based on economic and military domination. It’s about creating markets and it’s about securing oil. It’s a disaster.

ALAN CHARTOCK: So Jill Stein you don’t think Hillary Clinton is the one to align our foreign policy?

STEIN: No I don’t and I think Donald Trump is extremely scary with his militarism talk and his immigrant bashing and his climate denial but I think Hillary Clinton is equally scary not on what she says but actually on what she’s done. So the track record of Hillary Clinton in leading the charge into Libya which was catastrophic, in leading us into an air war in Syria. So look out, people, because Hillary wants a no-fly zone over Syria against a nuclear armed power which happens to be flying in Syria. So we are heading towards nuclear confrontation under Hillary Clinton so I don’t find this reassuring at all. The track record of Hillary Clinton is a proven quantity of the stuff that Donald Trump is talking about. And the bottom line is I will be horrified if Donald Trump is elected, I will be horrified if Hillary Clinton is elected and I am most horrified by a political system that says here are two deadly choices and forget it that’s all you get, pick one.

17 June, 2016: Interview with Alan Chartock on WAMC Radio New York

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