Declared 2016 Green Party Presidential Candidate

Physician, Reformer, Environmental Activist

Jill Stein
Born: May 14th, 1950  (age 66)

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Jill Stein on Energy

Stein supports a Green New Deal upon which the goal is 100% renewable energy by 2030.

“We’re really seeing an energy policy under Obama and the democrats so called “all of the above” which has really been worse for the environment then under George Bush. It’s really created a situation where the U.S is now the number one producer of fossil fuels around the world.”

“We can’t keep using this failed policy of silencing ourselves with this politics of fear. It’s time to forget the lesser evil and stand up and fight for the greater good like our lives depend on it because they do.”

“They would like us to think we have to choose between the economy and the environment. Actually, we can only fix them together and we can do this by calling this the state of emergency it is and creating a national emergency program to put everyone back to work transitioning the economy on an emergency basis to 100% wind, water and sun by 2030. There is a win-win here.”

5 July, 2016: Jill2016 Campaign Video

“Our program is a Green New Deal and it transforms the economy, it greens the economy, not only our energy system but our food and our transportation and it provides essential infrastructure and restores ecosystems. So those are basically the focus of it but it means everybody gets a job. Everybody who is capable and willing to work gets a full time, living wage job greening the economy. And that means 100% renewable energy by 2030 so that we actually succeed in solving the climate crisis at the same time. We don’t have to be the empire patrolling the world anymore, let alone the world’s policeman. We can put our resources back into creating jobs in a livable climate right here at home which is the source of true security.”

17 June, 2016: Interview with Jill Stein for President Booster Club

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