Declared 2016 Green Party Presidential Candidate

Physician, Reformer, Environmental Activist

Jill Stein
Born: May 14th, 1950  (age 66)

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Jill Stein on China

Stein wants to renegotiate fair trade agreements with China and work with them to develop a global Green New Deal program

NINA GONZALEZ: I wanted to turn to Jill Stein. Answering the question that was put to Governor Romney, if you declare China a currency manipulator on the first day are you going to start a trade war?

JILL STEIN: It’s important to recognize that things are not as simple as they are trying to frame them here. In fact, the United States by undertaking these quantitative easings is effectively manipulating our currency as well and is effectively devaluing our currency. So in fact we’re not so different from China here after all. And I think that’s a point that bears making here because the presumption is that you’ve got China over here and you’ve got the United States over here and that the things that we’re trading represent real ownership in the countries where the names are attached. But in fact U.S companies are now so invested, have so many subsidiaries and partners in China that in fact half of our imports coming from China are actually based out of U.S partnerships and subsidiaries. So it’s not quite so simple.

And in many ways the struggles of the Chinese people aren’t so terribly different. They’re different in magnitude but they’re very similar in value and quality to the struggles of the American people here. The Chinese people are likewise struggling to have real unions that are recognized. They’re struggling to raise their wages which are now somewhere at the unthinkable level of 30 or 50 cents an hour. They are struggling to raise their wages; they are struggling to protect their environment, the same thing that our workers and Americans are struggling for here, to have decent working conditions and security and good wages for our workers and to protect our environment. So in many ways this is a struggle against multi-national, corporate elite which is as powerful in China as it is here in the United States. So to simply frame this as U.S versus China is really the wrong way to approach it and we don’t want to go at this undermining our relationship with China. We want to be able to build a relationship with China, strengthening human rights and workers rights and environmental protections.

What Barack Obama is doing is enabling what Mitt Romney is doing. Mitt Romney is moving jobs to China. We know that right now Sensata Corporation in Freeport, Illinois is looking at the loss of all of their jobs. Bain Capital, started by and still invested in by Mitt Romney, is moving these jobs even though their profits are sky rocketing. They are moving to China, they are losing their jobs. Bain Capital and Mitt Romney’s investments are sending jobs to China right now but in fact Barack Obama is negotiating a trade agreement right now that will continue to offshore our jobs and undermine our wages and in fact undermine American security and sovereignty as well. This is through the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which is being negotiated behind closed doors by 600 corporate representatives that is effectively NAFTA on steroids.

We need a fair trade agreement not a free trade agreement and we need to go back and renegotiate not only NAFTA but the other free trade agreements that Barack Obama has brought us under his watch. We need to get to free trade which is fair, not just free for corporations and expensive and devastating for people and the environment and workers. We need truly fair trade agreements and we need a relationship with China where we can partner with them to basically work with the expertise that they have. They have enormous expertise right now in solar energy, in wind energy, in clean manufacturing. We need to work with them so that we are bringing a Green New Deal not just here at home to the United States but that we’re working with China to develop a global Green New Deal as well and to spearhead an effort to revive the international climate accords that were basically ended till 2020 by Barack Obama.

22 Oct, 2012: Interview with Nina Gonzalez Democracy Now! “Expanding the Debate” series (5:34 – 10:31)

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