Withdrawn 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate

Businesswoman and former 2016 presidential candidate

Cara Carleton Fiorina
Born: September 6th, 1954  (age 62)

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Carly Fiorina on Education

Fiorina is opposed to Common Core and wants educational programs to be funded at the state level.

MIKAYLA DOLCH: Hi. Well good evening Ms. Fiorina. My name is Mikayla Dolch, and I am serving the Iowa FFA Association as the southwest state Vice President. The National FFA Organization has exploited more than 629,000 members who are gaining leadership skills, and developing hands-on employable experience. But education programs are often cut due to funding issues. What would you propose could be done to help stop the loss of these programs?

CARLY FIORINA: Well of course these programs are very important, and most of these programs are funded at the state level. One of the things that I am going to do as President is to re-examine what it is the Federal Government actually does, because the truth is, the Federal Government does way too many things. It does most of them poorly now. We have a kind of big inept, corrupt Federal Government bureaucracy, and so it's easy to say, "Well the Federal Government should do something about this." But in truth, the Federal Government needs to stop doing a whole bunch of things. But one of the things I would examine is, instead of spending all this money in the Department of Education, maybe we ought to be spending less money there, and more money in states and communities focused on educational programs that we know work.

19 October, 2015: Question & Answer session at RFD-TV’s Rural Town Hall Nashville, TN

“It started out as a set of standards but what it’s turned into is a program that honestly is being overly influenced by companies that have something to gain; testing companies and textbook companies. And it’s becoming a set of standards not on what a kid has to learn but instead on how a teacher has to teach and how a student should learn and that kind of standardization is always going to drive achievement down not up.”

19 August, 2015: Fiorina discusses her opposition to Common Core with the American Federation for Children

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