Withdrawn 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate

Businesswoman and former 2016 presidential candidate

Cara Carleton Fiorina
Born: September 6th, 1954  (age 62)

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Carly Fiorina on the Deficit and Debt

Fiorina advocates reducing the national debt and deficit by growing the economy and reducing federal spending.

ONLINE QUESTION: “What is your position on the growing national debt level and what are two or three specific steps you would take to reduce the deficit?”

CARLY FIORINA: “Well you know, we all know that there are only two things we can do to reduce our debt and deficits: Grow the economy, cut spending. Grow the economy, cut spending. The good news is that when we cut spending in the right way, we help to grow our economy. So as an example, the engine of economic growth in this nation has always been small business, family-owned businesses and farms, community-based organizations. It's how I started, in a little 9-person real estate firm, it's how my husband Frank started – he was a tow truck driver for a family-owned auto body shop. So when we're crushing more small and family-owned businesses than we're creating – and that's what's happening now in this country – we're destroying more of those businesses than we're creating. Then the whole economy slows down and people don't have an opportunity.

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So, today, we need to start lifting the weight of government off those small businesses, whether that means rolling back regulations, whether it means simplifying a 73,000-page tax code – it ought to be about 3. Unless we get small and family-owned businesses going and growing again, we're not gonna get this economy going and growing again. But, when we cut government spending in the right ways, we can create that growth and that opportunity. And then, by the way, we need to actually spend less money in the federal government. So while we cut that tax code from 73,000 pages down to 3, we ought not to be thinking about revenue-neutral tax reform. We ought to be thinking about revenue-reducing tax reform. The government spends too much money.”

28 September, 2015: Fiorina answers an online question about the debt and deficits

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