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Cara Carleton Fiorina
Born: September 6th, 1954  (age 62)

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Carly Fiorina on Abortion

Fiorina is pro-life with the exception of rape, incest or life of the mother.

KATIE COURIC: Let me ask you about the GOP and the trouble it’s had among female voters. As you well know in the last midterms women were 10 points less likely than men to support republicans. It was the largest gender gap in decades. How do you shore that up for the GOP?

CARLY FIORINA: I think the democrats when they talk about the war on women we have to...I will… I have been…putting some facts out there. A lot of times women will come up to me and say you know I’m very uncomfortable with the extreme position that the Republican Party takes on abortion. And so I’ll say look do you know what the democratic position is? Most people don’t by the way. The democratic policy is any abortion, anytime, for any reason at any point in a woman’s pregnancy right up until the last minute to be paid for by tax payers. Barbara Boxer described this policy as it’s not a life until it leaves the hospital. How do you feel about that? Most women are horrified. If I ask women how do you feel about the fact that a 13 year old girl needs her mother’s permission to go to a tanning salon but not to get an abortion? Most women are horrified by that. How do you feel about that fact? That a tattoo parlor is more rigorously regulated and inspected than an abortion clinic? Women are horrified by that. The truth is most Americans, most women, most young people; most Americans have now come to the point of view where abortion for any reason at all after 5 months is a problem. So let’s take that common ground. I think our tone matters. We can’t be judgmental, we can’t be angry, but I also think we have to make sure people understand the extremity on the other side.

COURIC: But you say after 5 months and you oppose abortion except in the cases of rape, incest or if the mother’s life is in danger.

FIORINA: I’m pro-life.

COURIC: Right but you’re saying most Americans support it.

FIORINA: Let’s find common ground.

COURIC: Right. So what is the common ground?

FIORINA: The common ground clearly now, if you look at the polls, the common ground is people believe abortion after 5 months for any reason at all is wrong. So let’s take that common ground.

COURIC: So you oppose it except in the cases of rape, incest or if the mother’s life is in danger so what about those who feel it should be legal for the first 5 months?

FIORINA: See Katie I think you’re just jumping over what I just said. What the political class on both sides has done for way too long is argue at the extremes. And in the meantime there is real common ground. So we can argue at the extremes here or…..

COURIC: What is the common ground here?

FIORINA: The common ground is if you look at every poll the majority of Americans, the majority of women and the majority of young people now believe that abortion after 5 months for any reason at all is wrong. So let’s pass…there was a bill up in the front of the house. Let’s pass the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. That’s common ground.

COURIC: What is your position though on abortion as a candidate?

FIORINA: I’m a pro-life candidate because I believe that science is proving us right every day. We’ve been doing successful surgery in utero on fetuses as young as 4 months for quite a long time. The DNA in a zygote is precisely the same DNA the day you die. But I understand and respect, Katie, not everyone agrees with me. What I think is even where we don’t agree on everything let’s come together and solve a problem where we have common ground. The truth is there are lots of children being aborted after 5 months that Americans agree maybe we should step and save them. So let’s do that.

COURIC: Do you believe that Roe V. Wade should be overturned?

FIORINA: You know Roe V. Wade right now is the law of the land. Can we take on common ground right now? Let’s just get that done.

COURIC: So is the answer to that question no?

FIORINA: Let’s get common ground done first.

4 May, 2015: Yahoo News with Katie Couric

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