Withdrawn 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate

U.S. Senator from Texas

Rafael Edward Cruz
Born: December 22nd, 1970  (age 46)

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Ted Cruz on Taxes

Cruz wants to establish a simple flat tax.

If you want a 10% flat tax where the numbers add up I rolled out my tax plan today; you can find it online at tedcruz.org. It is a simple flat tax where for individuals a family of four pays nothing on the first $36,000. After that you pay 10% as a flat tax going up. The billionaire and the working man; no hedge fund manager pays less than his secretary. On top of that there’s a business flat tax of 16%. Now that applies universally to giant corporations (that with lobbyist right now are not paying taxes) and to small businesses and you want to know the numbers the tax foundation which has scored every one of our plans shows that this plan will allow the economy to generate 4.9 million jobs, to raise wages of over 12 percent, and to generate 14% growth and it costs with dynamic scoring less than a trillion dollars. Those are the hard numbers and every single income decile sees a double digit increase after tax income. Growth is the answer and as Reagan demonstrated if we cut taxes we can bring back growth.

28 October, 2015: Cruz discusses his tax plan at the GOP presidential debate

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