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Rafael Edward Cruz
Born: December 22nd, 1970  (age 46)

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Ted Cruz on North Korea

Cruz wants to pursue space based missile defense and pressure China to deal with North Korea.

CHRIS WALLACE: Breaking news tonight: North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-un has ordered that country’s nuclear weapons to be made ready at a moment’s notice and this comes just hours after the UN Security Council approved the toughest sanctions in two decades against that country. Assume you’re President Cruz tonight. What do you do?

TED CRUZ: Well you’re right the news is very disturbing that Kim Jong-un has put their nuclear weapons on ready state. I’m glad that we’re sending another carrier group to the south china sea, I’m glad that congress passed sanctions on North Korea but this is all the result of the failures of the Clinton administration two decades ago that negotiated a deal with North Korea lifting the sanctions, allowing billions of dollars to flow in and they used that money to develop nuclear weapons in the first place. Now we’re in a much harder position. When you have a lunatic with nuclear weapons to some extent it constrains your options. We need to be moving the carrier group to the south china seas; we need to be putting in place missile defense such as the Thaad missile defense system in South Korea. We need to be pursuing space based missile defense. One of the advantages of space based missile defense is that if you have a missile launch in North Korea or you have a missile launch in Iran a space based missile defense can take out one or two or three missiles before it can cross over and do damage. And we also need to be putting pressure on China because North Korea’s effectively a client state of China. All of that will happen with a strong Commander-in-Chief that is devoted to keeping this country safe.

WALLACE: Thank you senator.

3 March, 2016: GOP Debate Detroit, Michigan

“I’ll tell ya last night we got some chilling news. It appears North Korea has tested yet another nuclear weapon, claiming it is a hydrogen bomb. At this point we don’t know whether they used fusion or have a hydrogen bomb or not, whether that claim is real or not, but by all appearances it appears to be yet another nuclear test. And this underscores the gravity of the threats we are facing right now and also the sheer folly of the Obama/Clinton foreign policy. When we look at North Korea it’s like looking at a crystal ball. This is where Iran ends up if we continue on the same misguided path. It’s worth remembering back; North Korea has a nuclear weapon today because of the Clinton administration. The Clinton administration led the world in relaxing sanctions against North Korea. They used the billions of dollars that flowed into North Korea to develop nuclear weapons, now we’re facing a megalomaniacal maniac who may potentially have a hydrogen bomb. And to underscore the sheer folly of this path Wendy Sherman was the lead negotiator for the Clinton administrator on the failed North Korea deal. So what happens under President Obama and Secretary Clinton? They recruited back Wendy Sherman, the one person on earth who has actually already messed this up once, to be the lead negotiator on the failed Iranian nuclear deal. And sadly Wendy Sherman renegotiated essentially the same deal sending in Iran’s case over 100 billion dollars into Iran buying into the same empty promises that that money will not be used to develop nuclear weapons.

The Clinton, Obama, Clinton foreign policy stretching from the Clinton administration to the Obama administration with Hillary Clinton as secretary of state consistently makes the same mistakes over and over again and as profoundly dangerous as North Korea is a nuclear Iran is qualitatively more dangerous. Because both Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-un although they’re radical, they’re extreme, they’re unpredictable neither father nor son were or are religious zealots who embrace death and suicide as a theocratic religious belief. Last night’s nuclear test underscored why if I’m elected president on the very first day in office I will rip to shreds this catastrophic Iranian nuclear deal. Because if Hillary Clinton is elected president we will see a nuclear test from Iran but sadly the test may not be underground the test may be in the skies of a populated city, whether Tel Aviv or New York or Los Angeles and we should not be risking that and if I am elected president Iran will not acquire nuclear weapons because we will have a Commander-in-Chief focused on keeping this country safe.”

6 January, 2016: Rock Rapids, IA

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