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Ted Cruz on Iran

Cruz believes that the Iran deal sets a dangerous precedent and is a direct result of the weakness of the current presidency.

CHRIS WALLACE: Breaking news: Iran as we’ve just reported has released those four Americans. At least three of them have cleared Iranian airspace. And the Iran nuclear deal went into effect which means that the U.S and other western countries have started lifting sanctions releasing billions of dollars to Iran. What’s your reaction to both?

TED CRUZ: Well listen, praise God that the prisoners are coming home, that the Americans are coming home. You know millions of believers across the world have been lifting up Pastor Saeed Abedini in prayer and speaking out for his case and so we celebrate their coming home. Jason Rezaian, Amir Hekmati, the fourth individual, we celebrate all of them coming home. I spoke yesterday briefly to Naghmeh, Pastor Saeed’s wife who I’ve gotten to know very well and we’re all very grateful he’s coming. But at the same time this deal is a really problematic deal. And it reflects a pattern we’ve seen in the Obama administration over and over again of negotiating with terrorists and making deals and trades that endanger U.S safety and security. This deal has a lot of things in common with the Bowe Bergdahl deal where in exchange for Bowe Bergdahl (someone now facing court marshall) we released five senior Taliban terrorists. In this instance this deal to bring back Americans who were wrongly imprisoned we released seven terrorists who had helped Iran with their nuclear program and we agreed not to prosecute another fourteen terrorists for doing the same thing. That’s twenty-one terrorists helping Iran develop nuclear weapons that they intend to use to try to murder us and I think it’s a very dangerous precedent because the result of this every bad actor on earth has been told go capture an American. If you want to get terrorists out of jail capture an American and President Obama is in the let’s make a deal business. That’s a really dangerous precedent.

WALLACE: It wasn’t the only dealing that we had with Iran this last week. Iran’s revolutionary guards seized ten U.S Navy sailors and they released this video showing those sailors on their knees and here was your reaction at the first debate.

Video clip: “I give you my word if I am elected President no service man or service woman will be forced to be on their knees and any nation that captures our fighting men and women will feel the full force of fury of the United States of America.”

Now senator I think it’s fair to say all Americans were outraged to see that video of Americans on their knees. On the other hand the Iranians did release the sailors in fourteen hours. You still would release what you call the full force and fury of the U.S military against Iran for that incident?

CRUZ: Let’s be clear. Any nation that captures our military officers, captures our soldiers, should face serious repercussions and the reason that Iran felt free to do that to seize those ships and to humiliate those sailors…

WALLACE: In this particular case what would you have done? I’m not saying it was right but they were released in fourteen hours. You still would have taken action?

CRUZ: They were released in fourteen hours but the only reason they were seized was because of the weakness of Barack Obama. The Obama/Clinton foreign policy “leading from behind”; our enemies are laughing at us. Days after seizing our sailors and parading them on television to humiliate them…look, those images were propaganda from Khamenei. Within hours of that John Kerry and President Obama are profusely thanking Khamenei for letting our sailors go after they had wrongly captured them and tried to humiliate them. And now they’re trying to send 150 billion dollars to Khamenei? It is the direct result of the weakness of this presidency. But there is good news which is the fastest thing that can change with a new president is foreign policy. It’s worth remembering this same nation Iran in 1981 released our hostages the day Ronald Reagan was sworn into office.

17 January, 2016: Interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday

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