Withdrawn 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate

U.S. Senator from Texas

Rafael Edward Cruz
Born: December 22nd, 1970  (age 46)

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Ted Cruz on Gun Control

Cruz opposes strict gun control laws

“Here is the simple truth, strict gun control laws do not work. If you look at the empirical data, the jurisdictions with the strictest gun control laws typically have among the highest crime rates and the highest murder rates. You look at Chicago; you look at Washington DC, both among the most draconian gun laws in the country and both consistently among the worst crime rates and murder rates. Contrast that to other cities, my home state of Texas or for that matter the great state of New Hampshire where we actually believe in protecting the right to keep and bear arms. And you see crime rates that are much, much, much lower. You know there’s nothing criminals like more than unarmed victims. It is a pattern that has been lost on nobody. That a very large percentage of these horrible mass shootings have occurred in so called gun free school zones or gun free zones. Areas where the criminal knows the victims will not be in the position to defend themselves and they’ll be vulnerable. I don’t think that is an accident. I’ll point out two and a half years ago we saw another mass shooting in Newtown Connecticut; it was horrifying. I’ll tell you as parents of two young children to see a psychotic madman murdering little kids shakes you to the core. That was an opportunity President Obama could have taken to bring us together. For us to stand together, in the wake of that shooting and say, “let’s come together and let’s go after the bad guys. With respect to violent criminals, let’s come down on them like a ton of bricks” but instead, President Obama then did the same thing he is doing now. He immediately took the opportunity to politicize the tragedy and not target the bad guys, not target the criminals. But instead, try and strip away the Constitutional Rights of law-abiding citizens. You know, I joined with Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley in authoring legislation—it was the Grassley-Cruz legislation. It was called the Law Enforcement Alternative, and I led the fight against President Obama’s efforts to restrict our Constitutional Right to keep and bear arms in the Senate. We defeated every single proposal of President Obama’s that would have undermined the right to keep and bear arms. We defeated it on the floor of the Senate. But if you look at Grassley-Cruz, what did Grassley-Cruz do? It focused energy on the bad guys. For example, every year there are tens of thousands of felons and fugitives who attempt to illegally purchase fire arms. The Obama administration refuses to prosecute, it is utterly indefensible. The Grassley-Cruz Legislation I introduced would have created a gun violence task force to prosecute. If a felon or fugitive comes and tries to buy an illegal gun, we should go after them, prosecute them and throw them in jail. You know why Grassley-Cruz didn’t pass? Because Democrats filibustered. Harry Reid led a filibuster against it because their view was they had no interest in actually doing anything going after criminals. Then if they couldn’t restrict your right and my right to keep and bear arms, they were going to do nothing what so ever to go after the bad guys.”

2 October, 2015: Press conference at Umpqua Community College in Roseberg, Oregon

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