Withdrawn 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate

U.S. Senator from Texas

Rafael Edward Cruz
Born: December 22nd, 1970  (age 46)

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Ted Cruz on Education

Cruz is strongly opposed to Common Core and believes education needs to be at the state or local level.

TED CRUZ: I am passionately opposed to common core. We should repeal every word of common core. We should get the federal government out of the business of curriculum. You know, education is far too important for it to be controlled by unelected bureaucrats in Washington. My wife Heidi and I we’ve got two little girls. We’ve got Caroline is six, Catherine is four. Education of our children needs to be at the state level or the local level where we as parents have direct control over the standards, over the mores, over the curriculum that’s being taught to our kids. Common Core is being used by the federal government as the mechanism to force a uniformed curriculum to put federal bureaucrats in charge of what’s taught to our kids. It is wrong and we need to stand up against this Common Core and stop it.

INTERVIEWER: Okay. I know a lot of people I’ve talked to are dealing with Common Core and they’re suffering with it. So what’s your advice to them? Because there’s a lot of them that don’t want to have their children take those standardized tests. So what would you say to them?

CRUZ: The only way we’re going to stop Common Core, the only way we’re going to change the direction of this country, is for the grassroots to rise up. If we look to Washington for the solution these problems will not be solved. Washington is fundamentally broke and I’ve said for a long time the biggest divide we have in this country politically it’s not between republicans and democrats. The biggest divide we have is between career politicians in both parties and the American people. And look Common Core, a part of why Common Core has got so much momentum is a whole bunch of republicans joined with a whole bunch of democrats agreeing that the federal government should stick its nose in the middle of education. Now how do we change that? The only way to change that is a grassroots movement that’s sweeping the country. You know the book of Ecclesiastes tells us there’s nothing new under the sun. And I think where we are today is very very much like the late 1970’s. I think the parallels between Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter are uncanny. And if you look to what happened in 1980 we were in a similar time of crisis. The same economic misery, stagnation, malaise, the same feckless and disastrous foreign policy. In fact the exact same countries, Russia and Iran, openly laughing at and mocking the President of the United States. And what happened in 1980 is we saw a grassroots movement. Millions of men and women across this country who came together and became the Reagan revolution. And what that did, it didn’t come from Washington. It’s worth remembering Washington despised Ronald Reagan. It came from the American people. It swept in and as a result the expansion of federal power was turned around. But it came from the grassroots. The only way to stop Common Core is for the grassroots all across this country to rise up and say enough is enough we’re going to hold elected officials accountable. So what I would encourage everyone watching this in Florida and beyond, if you want to defend liberty. If you want to defend the constitution, if you recognize we’re on the wrong path and if you want to make sure that our children’s education stays at the local level with parents having control and not sucked into Washington by unelected bureaucrats corrupting our curriculum then rise up speak out. Organize, come together and hold elected officials accountable. Republicans and democrats look at every one of us and by the way talk is cheap. So don’t accept from any politician soothing sounding words. Any politician can tell you what you want to see.The question I would encourage everyone to ask is “don’t tell me, show me” When have you stood up and fought? What have you bled and what have you accomplished? That’s the question we need to ask. With Common Core you know it’s amazing there’s some politicians who were big advocates of Common Core that are now rhetorically running away from it. Now listen I’ll welcome friends however they come but we need to hold everyone accountable. And that is something only the grassroots can do.

21 February, 2015: Interview with Shark-Tank

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