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Rafael Edward Cruz
Born: December 22nd, 1970  (age 46)

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Ted Cruz on Cuba

Cruz strongly opposed the opening of the U.S Embassy in Cuba.

HUGH HEWITT Senator Cruz, a flag went up at the United States embassy in Cuba today. Senator Kerry was there, he did not invite dissidents to the embassy. What did you make of that move?

TED CRUZ: Well I think it was disgraceful. And it reprised what happened a few weeks ago when the Cuban flag was put up above the new Cuban embassy in D.C. One of the people who was there was a Rosa Maria Paya who is the daughter of Cuban dissident Oswaldo Paya who died in a suspicious car accident that many believe was murder by the Castro regime. And when Ms. Paya was there she was spotted by the Cuban government and the state department sent over their chief spokesperson to tell Ms. Paya if she asked a question at the press conference (and she had the credentials, she was entitled to be there) if she asked a question she would be thrown out. And I tell ya I visited with Ms. Paya; she shared this story with me. It’s one thing that’s what she would expect from the Castro’s in Cuba but in the United States of America in Washington D.C for John Kerry’s press department to be telling a Cuban dissident “If you dare ask any question of the regime that in all likelihood murdered your father for speaking out for freedom we will throw you out” it demonstrates just how much this deal is President Obama surrendering to Fidel and Raul Castro. And the fact that at the U.S embassy today in Cuba now America excluded the dissidents; that John Kerry and Barack Obama decided they would rather stand with the tyrants and dictators rather than the dissidents. It was shameful. The consequence of this deal is that billions of dollars is going to flow into Cuba and into the coffers of the Castro’s who will use it to oppress their citizens and also to export terror throughout Latin America.

15 August, 2015: Interview with Hugh Hewitt on the Hugh Hewitt radio show (7:03 – 9:03)

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