Withdrawn 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate

U.S. Senator from Texas

Rafael Edward Cruz
Born: December 22nd, 1970  (age 46)

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Ted Cruz on Abortion

Cruz is pro-life.

“Over 40 years ago the Supreme Court decreed that life in the womb was not worth protecting. That an unborn child had no right to breathe, to laugh, to live and that instead that child would be snuffed out. Life is not a government creation; life is a precious gift from God. Without life there is no liberty, without liberty there is no pursuit of happiness. Since Roe v. Wade in 1973 over 55 million unborn children have lost their lives; 55 million. Think of all the inventors, the scientists, the doctors; think of all the poets, the athletes, the musicians who never got to breathe a breath of air; who never got to see the sunlight of a spring day because this nation has created an industry that traffics in the death of little babies and the sale for profit of their body parts. These videos of Planned Parenthood, they are disturbing, they are horrifying and yet I believe at the same time they were a gift from God because for a moment they shined a light onto what is happening. And what I urge is every American, every American, should watch these videos even if, and especially if you consider yourself pro-choice. Watch the videos, see the Planned Parenthood official laughing, sipping Chardonnay and callously, heartlessly, selling body parts of unborn children. See the senior official say she hopes she can sell enough body parts to buy herself a Lamborghini. Just ask yourself “are these my values?” And our friends in the media with TV cameras in the back why won’t you air the Planned Parenthood videos? You’ll spend three weeks talking every day about Cecil the bloody lion but the buying and selling of body parts of unborn children that’s not news that’s just funded with taxpayer dollars. And a government that has the power to take away life can take away anything else.”

14 November, 2015: Ted Cruz speech at Bob Jones University

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