Scott Copeland
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Former 2016 Constitution Party Presidential Candidate

Ordained Minister

Arlon Scott Copeland
Born: unknown
Scott Copeland was born in Jackson, Mississippi. A native of that state, he graduated from Mississippi College before, in his words, he was “transplanted by God” to Texas, where he attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth. There he earned his license, and became ordained as a Minister of the gospel. Copeland's religious faith is extremely important to him, and informs his positions on various issues.

Copeland is a member of the Constitution party, and he identifies with that institution so strongly that, on the issue of taxation, he declines to explain his positions himself and merely refers to the party's official website (for the record, Constitution's views on taxes are, like most of its positions, right-leaning). Also in keeping with his party's doctrine, he maintains that the Constitution of the United States is firmly based on Judeo-Christian values and morality.

It is little surprise, then, that Copeland is a strong conservative. He is pro-life, supports gun rights, and calls for the total repeal of Obamacare. He also believes in expanding the military and – at a minimum – doubling the pay of all service members, which he proposes to fund by eliminating various other government agencies including the Internal Revenue Service. In all arenas outside the armed forces, he advocates for minimalist government, and opposes regulations that impede competition between private businesses. Copeland is tough on immigration, too, believing the border with Mexico should be carefully patrolled and any and all illegal immigrants deported without amnesty. His position on foreign policy is harsh and no-nonsense – throwing political correctness to the winds, he unapologetically declares that “Islam must be forced into an unconditional surrender.”

Taking pride in the fact that he has never held public office (a feature of his resume, actually, for which he sees fit to “praise God”), Copeland has officially declared himself a candidate for the presidential election of 2016. His tough conservative views promise him many friends on the far right wing, including those such as the Tea Party who are often viewed as occupying the fringe of American politics, but he may experience difficulty connecting with anyone not of those relatively narrow affiliations.

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