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Chris Christie  
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Exploratory 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate

Governor of New Jersey

Christopher James Christie
Born: September 6th, 1962  (age 52)

In the wake of Gov. Christie’s public approval of President Obama’s handling of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, he faced a pummeling from a segment of the conservative media, as well as several Republican figures. However, many seem to forget that Gov. Christie, despite his bluster and legendary temper, has always been a moderate Republican politician, and his policies has always been crafted through discussions and compromises with Democrats.

Therein lies his appeal - his ability to forge partnerships, a trait that was first recognized by former president George W. Bush, who appointed the Newark-born lawyer as U.S. Attorney for New Jersey in 2001. His eight year tenure is most remembered for the wide-ranging corruption probes which eventually led to the convictions of 130 officials from all levels of the state government.

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