Willie Carter | 2016 Election
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Willie Carter  

Declared 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate

Small-business owner, Deacon and Sunday School Superintendent

Willie Felix Carter
Born: June 15th, 1943  (age 71)

Although probably unknown to an average U.S. voter, Willie Felix Carter definitely has a story to be told and hardly fits into any of the typical-politician molds. This retired aircraft mechanic has 28 years of experience as a member of United States Air Force, both active and reserve. After serving as an active member of USAF from 1961, and being honorably discharged four years later, Carter joined United States Air Force Reserve and remained a member until 1990. During his days of service, he won the Air Force Reserve "Airman of the Year 1978" award, as well as the Air Force Commendation Medal, which he received in 1990.

Today, the Texas-born father of nine is a very active member of the Church of God In Christ, where he is serving as a Deacon and at the Revival Center Triedstone in Los Angeles where he serves as General Sunday School Superintendent. Carter also owns "Fantastic Sounds Gospel Recording", a recording studio located in Long Beach, California and is a former Member of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America.

As for politics, Willie Felix Carter is member of many organizations, most notably, the Democratic Party of California and the Democratic Party of Texas. He is running for the Presidency in 2016, and since 1988, hasn't missed one single opportunity to do so. This is his eighth consecutive run for the office. As for reasons behind his candidacy, Carter claims that he was “commanded of the Lord to enter the race to become President of the United States of America”, stating that he hopes to “serve as your next President, looking forward to see prosperity reinvigorated, our economy rebounding…”

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