Withdrawn 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate

Physician, Author and Citizen Politician

Dr. Benjamin Solomon Carson Sr.
Born: September 18th, 1951  (age 65)

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Ben Carson on Terrorism

Carson took a hard line against terrorists following the November 2015 Paris attacks, saying the nation's priority should be to “eliminate” jihadis, and that this would probably mean “boots on the ground”.

Ben Carson: “Hello, everyone. First of all, I'd like to just express heartfelt sympathy for the people in Paris. And just, it reminds us that there are those out there who have a thirst for innocent blood.

...I think America's involvement should be trying to eliminate them completely. Destroy them.

...boots on the ground would probably be important. Because throughout that whole Middle Eastern region, we have been calling for a coalition of the people who have a vested interest. We have not really seen much of a coalition form, but that's because there's no leadership. You can't really call for something like that, and just think it's gonna magically form. It has to form behind a leader.

...well, first of all, President Carson would be in close communication with our friend in Israel. And if it came to that, and they're our friend, of course we would stand with them. No question about it. We always stand with our friend.”

13 November, 2015: Carson speaks about the Paris attacks at a press conference

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