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Physician, Author and Citizen Politician

Dr. Benjamin Solomon Carson Sr.
Born: September 18th, 1951  (age 65)

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Ben Carson on National Security

Carson opposes allowing Syrian refugees to enter the United States, but calls for a compassionate response to their plight, to include helping them settle elsewhere. He supports military intervention in the Middle East, such as with the establishment of a “no-fly” zone in Syria and air support for friendly combatants against ISIS in Iraq.

PAUL MARK GOULET: “We are just a few days after the massacre in Paris. I've been going to Paris for the past ten years, usually to train leaders with John Maxwell. My heart was broken two days ago. I had one friend literally that was right in front of the theater with his family; he had to rush his family to safety and he stayed there praying. Doc, I've been so concerned about Europe of course, but now I see the same floodgates opening up for people that have not been screened, we don't know their heartbeat – and, and, give me your impressions about what's going on right now and the potential here in the US.”

BEN CARSON: “Well, I think the potential is high, particularly if we bring a bunch of people from Syria here. And as I've said, it would be malpractice for the global jihadists not to infiltrate those people with their people to bring them in here. I mean, of course they would do that. And that we're again so busy trying to be politically correct that we don't engage our frontal lobes – that's a problem. That doesn't mean that we shouldn't be compassionate, and what I've suggested is that we use some of our resources and our expertise to help them get settled in that part of the world. In the mean time, you know, I've said we should establish a no-fly zone along the Syrian-Turkish border, because that's where the vast majority of these people have moved - half the country – is there unsettled. We should be trying to provide them with some kind of shelter, some kind of protection. And then eventually the goal would be to repatriate them in their own country. But in the meantime, why not work on getting some of the other nations in that area to accept them? Why do we have to do it? Particularly given the fact that we have tens of millions of people in our own country who are already in bad shape economically. And, you know, when you get on an airplane, they always say 'In case of an emergency, oxygen masks will drop down. Put yours on first, and then administer help.” You know, our people need some oxygen right now.”

GOULET: “What are we gonna do with ISIS right now, and of course al Qaeda and Hamas and all the other organizations that have the label of being 'terrorists'?”

CARSON: “Well, we must recognize that they're very serious. They represent an existential threat to us. It's very different than what was going on in 2003 with Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda. We have to reach a level of maturity where we recognize that if we don't fight them, successfully, over there, as what happened with France this weekend it will be happening over here, they will be here. So let's go back over there and say, 'what's been successful?' Just this past week Senja was taken back, and that wasn't just a snap thing. That was cutting off the supply lines, supplying the Kurds with what they need, giving them the air support, having our special ops people work with them. It's a successful model, and they're great fighters, and we oughta be also looking at Mosul now, looking at lots of different territories, because as we start demonstrating success, guess what will happen? That coalition will begin to form behind - people like success, they don't like failure. And also as you begin to take back things, they will come out to defend those things. See, they hide amongst the people. When they come out, kill 'em. And I know that doesn't sound like a very Christian thing to say, I realize that, but David had to do that. You have to wipe out evil, and sometimes it sounds harsh, but it really is just being pragmatic and using the brain that God gave you to understand what you have to do. In the long run, we save a lot more lives that way.”

16 November, 2015: Carson is interviewed by Pastor Paul Marc Goulet for ICLV.com

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