Withdrawn 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate

Physician, Author and Citizen Politician

Dr. Benjamin Solomon Carson Sr.
Born: September 18th, 1951  (age 65)

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Ben Carson on Immigration

Carson supports securing all US borders, and proposes discouraging people from attempting to enter illegally by reducing or making it more difficult to access the government benefits which he says draw them. He opposes sanctuary cities. For illegal immigrants already present in the country, he favors a “guest worker” program that would enable such people to gain legitimacy.

NEIL CAVUTO: “You might have heard, we – Josh Earnest, Doctor, and we were hearing from a dad who lost a son in a case of an illegal who shouldn't have been here; had been deported, and got back here. You know the drill, sadly. It's a repeated drill. And he is so frustrated, the dad, he thinks only Donald Trump is speaking to his needs. What do you say?”

BEN CARSON: “Well, my heart certainly goes out to him. And I think a number of us are extremely concerned about this whole sanctuary city mess, but even more importantly, the illegal immigration problem that we have. You know, I've spoken very strongly about that. And we need to go ahead and solve the problem. We have the ability to do it; we don't have the will to do it. We can certainly secure our borders.”

CAVUTO: “What do you want us to do? What should we do?”

CARSON: “What I would do is I would secure the borders – North, South, East, and West. That does not necessarily mean you have to build fences and walls; we can take advantage of electronic surveillance, drones, and a variety of technological features. And then, part two is we have to turn off the spigot that dispenses the goodies. If there's no goodies, there's no reason for people to try to breach our security wall. That takes care of the people coming in, but then you have the 11+ million who are here already. What I would do is allow them to become guest workers, if they register and they get involved in a back tax program, and taxes going forward. That does not make them citizens; this does not give them the right to vote. If they want to do that, they get back in line and go through the process just like everybody else.”

CAVUTO: “Well, would you outlaw sanctuary cities? Would you just get rid of them, we don't need 'em?”

CARSON: “I certainly don't think that there's any rational reason for sanctuary cities. I'm glad there's focus on them now, because I would like the people who advocate for them to come out and tell us exactly why we need them and I can tell them a hundred reasons why we don't.”

CAVUTO: “Alright, Democrats who've been arguing on behalf of these sanctuary cities said that to go after them, to target them is essentially racist, that's what they're saying, and that's kind of what Donald Trump has run into: this buzzsaw of criticism where now Mexicans of course are now firing back and saying, 'You know, we're not all rapists and drug pushers.' Do you think this issue has become just a political football here and that this is a distraction? All this other stuff that Mexicans are charging Donald Trump with, his statements, what?”

CARSON: “Yeah. It's a very easy political football, the racism trick. Basically, anything that involves people of two different races now is because of racism, and it's just a way to drive wedges like: we're driving wedges in between gender, we're driving wedges from income, we're driving religious wedges, we're driving inter-generational wedges. Why are we falling for this? You know, we the American people, are not each others's enemies, it's the people who are driving all the wedges who are the enemies. Divide and conquer is their strategy. We have to be smarter than that.”

13 July, 2015: Carson is interviewed by Neil Cavuto for FOX News (00:05 – 03:08)

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