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Dr. Benjamin Solomon Carson Sr.
Born: September 18th, 1951  (age 65)

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Ben Carson on Health Care

Carson wants to repeal Obamacare and replace it with lifetime health savings accounts

ANNOUNCER: Dr Ben Carson attended Yale University and received his MD from the University of Michigan medical school.

JACK HEATH: Dr Carson, so much, and you’ve been one of the folks who’ve talked a lot early on about some of the faults with the affordable care act or so called Obamacare. I call it that because the President said we can refer to it as Obamacare. What the republicans are criticized…what do you replace it with? So if it’s repealed what do you replace it with because we have problems in the health insurance and health care system. What do you replace it with?

BEN CARSON: Well there’s no question that it needs to be replaced before you repeal it because you don’t want to pull a safety net out from underneath people. And the reason that I don’t like Obamacare first of all not so much because it doesn’t work and not so much because it’s unaffordable but really because it flies in the face of what we are as a nation. A nation that is of for and by the people with the government there to facilitate life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Obamacare comes along with the government saying “We don’t care what you the people think, we’re shoving this down your throat and if you don’t like it too bad” That’s completely antithetical to the principals of the founding of this country. So I would replace it with something that really puts the power back in the hands of consumers and health care providers, health savings accounts available from the day you’re born until the day you die (you can pass it on when you die) We pay for it with the same dollars that we use for traditional health care and you give people flexibility; the ability to actually move money within their family. You’re $500 short your wife can give it to you out of hers or your cousin or your uncle; gives you enormous flexibility to cover almost anything.

And then your catastrophic health care costs a lot less because virtually nothing is coming out of it except for catastrophic health care. It’s like a homeowner’s policy with a big deductible versus a homeowners policy where you want every single thing covered. Now that works very well for the majority of people, not so well for the indigent. And how do we take care of the indigent now? Medicaid. Annual Medicaid budget 4-5 hundred billion dollars. How many people participate? A quarter of the population, about 80 million people. 80 million into 400 billion goes 5,000 times. 5,000 dollars each man woman and child in America. What could you buy with that? A concierge practice. Most of those cost between 2 and 3 thousand dollars a year. Still have a couple thousand left over for your catastrophic insurance. I’m not advocating we do that I’m saying that’s how much money there is. And think about what happens. First of all Washington would say you can’t give health savings accounts to the indigent because they’re too stupid and they wouldn’t be able to manage them (they think everybody’s like them) but the fact is that’s not true and in fact they said that about food stamps and people learned how to manage food stamps and they would learn this too. Mr. Jones who has a diabetic foot ulcer quickly learns not to go to the emergency room spend five times more he would go to the clinic same treatment but instead of just sending him out they say “now let’s get your diabetes under control so you’re not back here in three weeks with another problem.” He’s learning personal responsibility and we’re doing things that teach that rather than dependency.

HEATH: A quick one for you. Some of our participants tonight are in the senate because they had a vote tonight one of the measures is Planned Parenthood. Should tax payers fund Planned Parenthood?

CARSON: Absolutely they should not fund Planned Parenthood. You know these recent videos show the atrocity of that and the level of depravity that we have sunken to as a nation and we simply have to stop that. If people want to do it let them take money out of their pocket, let them find other depraved individuals to help them.

3 August, 2015: Interview with Jack Heath on Voters First Forum (0:00- 3:51)

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